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Right Hand Left Hand / Islet

RHLH instead loop and weave layer upon layer of killer riffs that subvert the quiet/loud dynamic of post-rock into a loud/louder burst of action that won’t let your stroking fingers get anywhere near your bearded face. Since their birth, RHLH they have shared stages with the likes of Dead Meadow, Errors, Future Of The Left, Mahjongg, Youthmovies, The Mae Shi, and Super Furry Animals. 2009 will see them begin work on their debut album with many more gigs to come. Islet Twisted rock juggernaut featuring 2 Attack and Defend brothers and a former Victorian English Gentlemens Club member. The combination makes for a frenzied burst of glorious energy leaving you feeling like you’ve just been in the gym.

8:00pm | £5

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