About Us

The Joy Collective – A resource for everything musical in Newport, Cardiff & Bristol. We also promote our own shows.

A long, long time ago (February 2007) a gang of brave men attempted to wake up Newport’s music scene by booking bands we loved totally regardless of genre.  The nights were called Joy and they were brilliant.

It occured to us that there was no way of looking somewhere and finding out, at a glance, what on earth was going on in Newport on any one night.  This seemed crazy for a city with a rich musical heritage.  Rather than sit around bitching about this, in true D.I.Y style we decided to get off our arses and create this very website.

We’ve expanded to Cardiff and over the border to feature Bristol.  We try to preview the best gigs in these cities in the hope that you, the readers will attend these gigs, repay the promoter’s hard work and keep these music scenes alive.

If you’re interested in contributing then contact us with a paragraph about yourself and why you want to write for us. Also give us your shoe size.  We don’t need it, we’re just nosey.