Joy of Sex release their debut self titled EP through their Robot Architect label on the 18th of August it will be accompanied by the free download “December, Month Of Plenty” released through Sound and Vision Downloads on the same day.

Joy of Sex are a new three-piece from Cardiff, two boys and a girl, with a drum machine, stand-up drums and three-way vocals. They agree on several things. Short songs, rhythm, repetition, noise.

Combining menacing cut-up rhythms with triple-barrelled vocal interplay that switches from sinister to playful; a unique concoction that’s reminiscent of the taut art-punk dynamics of Wire. They hint at the electro post punk of PiL and share a kinship with fellow Cardiffian’s The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club.

It’s form meeting function. Newness, not novelty. Equality. Clang, scrape and bang. That is the Joy of Sex.

“December, Month Of Plenty” opens with a chorus of plaintive refrains, before rumbling along pavements of twitching bass and drums. Serrated guitars bleed like a stream of consciousness into a chanting chorus reminiscent of Mission of Burma’s finer moments. Short and sharp, clocking in at around the two minute mark.

Public download will appear here on the 18th of August:

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