Riot Act! Promotions just keep on going, back to Le Pub this time on Saturday 27 December for…

“Squidler is the illegitimate lovechild of gizmo-laden acoustic prophet Ben Squibbs, and politico-rant-rock New State Radio bassist Jim Sadler, brought together by an appreciation of the finer things in music, and an appreciation of all Squid species! With a selection of choice cuts from each of their usual sets, their combination will thrill and enertain, while paying homage to the mighty King of the high seas, the glorious Giant Squid. It’s a lucky coincidence that the only half-decent combination of their surnames happens to be…. SQUIDLER!”

Rogora Khart
Rogora Khart are an eclectic band of vagabonds, miscreants, wanderers and rogues who come from the depths of the Georgian winter and Carpathian cold with a compelling desire to entertain and delight you with their unique brand of music and theatre.

Hobgoblin (pictured)
Hobgoblin are not extinct: the punk rock stegosauruses have simply been over-wintering close to the bosom of their homely firesides. Typically, due to old age and inability, they average one gig a month, but over the forthcoming Yuletide stint they are scheduled to perform twice in ten days! They are planning to achieve this feat by following a strict diet of vitamin pills, raw fish and saliva. They still drink a lot though, but only to calm their nerves: at their last gig they were apparently so ‘calm’ that they were unable to talk!

They plan to serve up a volatile cocktail of a set, featuring golden oldies (maybe including their festive favourite-Xmas Sux), exciting new ditties and with a cautious dash of cover versions, all mixed together with a liberal addition of good-natured fun. For the uninitiated, Hobgoblin provide a jolly, if crack-throated, good show.

So, if you are dejected with the vagaries of the Credit-Crunch, Global Warming, premature baldness or the threat of relegation, Hobgoblin will banish those demons with a spark to thaw the most glacial soul.

Doors 8.00 – Late
Tickets £3.00Adv £5.00 Door
Avaialable: Diverse, Rockaway, In Exile ,Spillers , and we got
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