Electric ElectricInteriorMonologue: Follow that Swn.  I’m not even a massive fan of instrumental or post-rock but this is my gig of the year.

Scotty: I liked two things about Heirs very much – One: A drummer who looked like he hated every single person in the audience; I applaud that kind of attitude. Two: A guitarist that spent an inordinate amount of time tuning a guitar which only made a noise rather than any discernible notes – this sound is generally known as the sound of the end of the world.

InteriorMonologue: Heirs are amazing.  It’s not really post-rock, more post-industrial-feedback-noise-core.  Or Something.  Scotty’s right, the guitarist basically had a million effects pedals that allowed him to make a massive racket.  He also looked exactly like Hugh Cornwell on the cover of The Stranglers’ Black & White.  The drummer looked a bit like Jack from Future Of The Left.  Only more psychotic.  He didn’t move his head.  Or make facial expressions of any kind.  I should probably mention that the other guitarist was wearing a leather waistcoat and glove combo.  And a moustache.  Genius.

InteriorMonologue: The Night Terrors had a theremin player.  He was also the bass player.  A really, really fucking good bass player.  Thirdly, he was Meze Festival’s second giant.  I have no idea how to describe their sound, another amazing drummer, fuzzy, loud, rhythmic bass and keyboards that somehow made it sound almost poppy.  They ended with Faith No More’s Woodpeckers From Mars.  Brilliant, I pitied the headliners.
Scotty: People are going to obsess over the Theremin aren’t they? They shouldn’t.

InteriorMonologue: I needn’t have worried, Electric Electric are astonishing.  Genre?  Who the fuck knows.  I guess if you like Battles and Fuck Buttons then you need to see this band.  Fuck it, go to France.  Synth/keyboard player again wove his magic around the third absurdly talented drummer of the evening.  The guitarist stopped, started, fucking rocked, and if memory serves me right, sang something.  With his voice.  Of course, we were all deaf by then so I can’t be sure.  Amazing show.

Scotty:  I text a mate during the gig to tell him I might have just seen the best live band I have seen this year (and this is a year in which I saw Magnolia Electric Co.) He told me they had a ‘wafty’ name. I told him they were French. He then decided they had the best name ever. That’s a true story.

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