Agaskodo TeliverekI’m not really in the mood for slagging off bands today. Some of them have feelings you know. So here’s some purely objective points about tonight’s openers The Clay: They must have practised a lot as they can all play their instruments very well. A lot of their relatives have come to see them. They are better than I Am Hope.

Anyway, this is No Bad Vibes night. Agaskodo Teliverekdon’t so much turn that frown upside down as spray paint it green and deep fry it in beer batter. Singer Hiroe Takei emerges Ring-like onto the stage in hoodie and impenetrable veil of hair and spends the set as the grinning focal point of AT’s pointillist noisepop rush. It’s the perfect synthesis of band and frontwoman: both are chaotic, cheeky, waywardly brilliant and fizzing on some childlike energy. Weekend drinkers wander up the stairs: Hiroe drinks from their glasses and shakes their hands. There is keytar abuse, but there are also songs that atomise guitar pop, rescrambling riffs and forcing them through electronic mangles. Best song? ‘The Gay Hussar’ – three minutes of repetitive, serrated rhythm with a wailing banshee adding random vocal sounds by whacking her own larynx. Give them a trophy.

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