In the Fata Morgana EP Murray released one of the best artifacts of the year – via the always-dependable Shape Records it was 30 minutes of fuzzy wonder that seemingly came from nowhere and managed to cram all the wonky sunbeams in the world onto both sides of a cassette tape. There’s more though: as well as Failed NASA Experiment Murray also operates in Black Stepdad, Lustfaust, Yajé and organises dirt-rare gigs as the Rusty Trombone Of God (go back in time for PartWildHorsesManeOnBothSides and FEEL IT). There’s probably more I’ve left out.

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Recorded highlights – Pocahaunted just slipped in with ‘Make It Real’ before disbanding. I’m using a technicality here but Sun Araw re-released ‘Beach Head’ which is killer. PartWildHorsesManeOnBothSides ‘All Cows are Sacred’. Chris Corsano has had a great year with Rangda’s ‘False Flag’, Flower-Corsano Duo’s ‘You’ll Never Work In This Town Again’ and Chris Corsano Band’s ‘High And Dry’. I’m a big fan of everything Shape have released but H Hawkline’s ‘A Cup of Salt’ is sublime. I missed that Sun City Girls released ‘Funeral Mariachi’ which I need to get and want to mention anyway. Finally, Bardo Pond have just released a beautiful self titled album which I’m actually listening to on spotify as I write this and it’s beautiful.

Live highlights – at risk of repeating the list above I managed to catch Rangda, Flower/Corsano and Sun Araw (heavy deeds indeed). The last minute H Hawkline gig at CAI was sooooo much fun. I finally saw Acid Mothers Temple. Team Brick’s set supporting Islet was absolutely killer. I know we organised the gig but PartWildHorsesManeOnBothSides were so good it hurts. The Ex @ Swn were out of this world. I was lucky enough to catch El Guincho whilst visiting Barcelona. Last but by no means least there was a benefit ‘requiem for Jack Rose’ at Cafe Oto in London which had Hush Arbors, Heather Leigh Murray, a solo Mick Flower and C Joynes which was really emotional and well worth the immense delays on the M4.

Other stuff – Harmony Korine released the ‘Trash Humpers’ movie which is so amazingly fucked up. I had some great moments releasing the Fata Morgana EP and hooking up with Matt Lovett for some gigs. Some vibey gallery performances for Hiker Meat. Hanging out in Barcelona. Making new friends etc.

2010 was… vibey.

Tips for 2011 – at risk of self promotion I’m releasing a Black Stepdad split cassette with Kpt Michigan which I’m super excited about. We’re finishing up a Yajé EP which I’m hoping people will dig as much as we do. My band-mate Tom has a couple of side projects but ‘Mars To Stay’ is so fucking good. I’ve just come across ‘Broken Water’ which is awesome. I came across ex-Gowns solo project Every Minor Arcana (whose ‘Little Sketches On Tape’ on Night People Records should have made my list above) which sounds pretty sweet and has an album due out in the New Year.

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