It’s the end of the year. Nearly. In a revolutionary move, we at the Joy have been bothering local musicians, writers, DJs and various other clowns to cough up their memories of 2010. Assuming they still have them. You may notice it’s weighted towards people who’ve made the last twelve months a little more bearable, often by the medium of fucking great music. Keep an eye on who we’ve got lined up into the new year and see if your fave chump made the list. If not, you’ve probably got rubbish taste in music.

Matt Thomas is one quarter of the phenomenal Cardiff band Brandyman, who eased into the year via ratchet-tight riffing and thunderous black humour. You should check them out.


Recorded Music Highlights:
Because I’m a secret folkie, Alasdair Roberts and Friends – Too Long In This Condition.
Because they’re the greatest band ever, Lungfish – Pass and Stow (reissue).
Because you can’t have enough NWOFHM in your life, Circle – Rautatie

Live Music Highlights:
Rangda at the Norwegian Church, closely followed by DIVORCE at Buffalo.

Anything else you enjoyed this year:
The news of the Royal Engagement. It really lifted the spirit of the nation.

2010 was…

The year of the smoking chimp.

Tips for 2011:

Flax seed. Absolutely bursting with Omega 3 so it is. That’s your breakfast, lunch and dinner right there.
Also, cut down on your recycling and food bills alike by using old six-pack holders and plastic bags as effective turtle fishing devices.
Finally, Horslips are back. The original folk/metal warriors will be playing the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow. Possibly the best band ever.

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