Go on then, one more for you. Are we generous or just wasteful? Anyway, Matthew Jarrett, as his mum probably calls him, not only writes detailed analysis of band members’ choice of T-shirt (or ‘live reviews’) for this site, but is also one of the Frank N Furters behind the Diverse Records counter, as well as Matt Scott’s other half in the prose/poetry/pissed up literary evenings that are Balloon. If you’ve ever grudgingly written a guestlist, you probably know him. Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Jarrett!





Recorded music highlights of 2010:
Quite a few this year. Cats & Cats & Cats finally having a proper album out for me to fawn over after my years of borderline obsession. Deer Park’s debut album which I discovered through a friend giving me their CD to see what I thought. I made it my album of the year, he ended up managing them. Having albums by The Rural Alberta Advantage, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Dan Mangan show up at work and spend a lot of time on the Diverse stereo and of course Los Campesinos! having a new album.

Live music highlights of 2010:
Lucero, Justin Townes Earle and Deer Tick at SxSW was awesome. Seeing Camper Van Beethoven in a freezing car park was pretty cool too. Locally, Islet were always brilliant and Swn was a massively fun, drunken blast of a weekend. The Whale Watching Tour and ATP cider binging.

2010 was…
The year I realised that I was old and now sounded grumpy quite often when talking about new bands that I think are shit. I’ll stick to my alt.country and the kids can have their electro. Or fucking Salem.

Tips and predictions for 2011:
Balloon to return and to baffle people further. Diverse Records to release some great albums. Will to finally implode at mine and Jonny’s slackness on this very site. Scotty to spend one sixth of the year drunk with me. Music wise, a new Future Of The Left album. The continued emergence of Saturday’s Kids and Claire McGuire*

*No idea, heard her tipped on the radio this morning.

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