Response number two from the fine people at ANTA. Their album really is great you know.


Recorded music highlights of 2010

CHROME HOOF – Crush Depth
and, of course, the ANTA record 🙂

Live music highlights of 2010

supersonic festival. i was there for the sunday. MMOB played an acoustic set with Khayam Allami guesting on oud, it was a beautiful and mesmerizing ceremony. then CHROME HOOF developed a mosh pit within 10 seconds of starting, the audience tore the place to pieces and the band just sucked it all up. finally SWANS cleared out any remaining cobwebs with monstrous downtuned monotone riffs of joy. if i had to name my top 3 gigs of the year, these were them – all on the same day in the same place. fucking well done CAPSULE!

What else did you enjoy this year?

godspeed ATP was pretty sweet: RANGDA, EMERALDS and of course NEUROSIS were particular highlights. ANTA playing with CHROME HOOF was also pretty sweet.

2010 was…

the year everyone died. so many great artists were taken from us this year. mark linkous and beefheart are two particularly great losses 🙁

Tips and predictions for 2011…

it can’t possibly be any worse than 2010!

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