Might take a while to list all the pies Graf has his metaphorical in. Guitarist in the mighty Gindrinker, Threatmantics and Last Partisan. One of the good eggs behind the counter at venerable Cardiff record shop Spillers. Fine beard wearer. Graf was also one of the five thousand members of Little My, whose final gig brought tears of a twee kind, and whose lower case-only style he has appropriated here.






Recorded musical highlights of 2010:

allo darlin’ – allo darlin’

the besnard lakes – … are the roaring night

brandyman – adam walton session

les savy fav – root for ruin

race horses – goodbye falkenburg

ratatosk – c’est la vie tragique

sweet baboo – i’m a dancer / songs about sleeping

y niwl – y niwl

live musical highlights of 2010:

little my’s wake / my live audition for threatmantics in ten feet tall.

the victorian english gentlemens club at clwb.

the incongruous circle pits for race horses and los campesinos! at the big weekend.

the school ramones set for headway charity in clwb.

les savy fav (or tim harrington vs the stage manager who hadn’t been pre-warned) at primavera.

brandyman slaying upstairs at clwb on the friday of swn.

john mouse and prince edward island slaying downstairs at ten feet tall the day after (bonus pounts for being during my lunch break!).

the shape records christmas party at clwb.

what else did i enjoy this year?

(chronoligically) moving into my own flat. after the untimely death of little my, whoring myself out and being fortunate enough to be asked to join threatmantics and last partisan. helping to sort through over 60 years worth of priceless/worthless junk and moving an entire record shop. playing my first ever proper outdoor festival gig (it pissed it down, of course). recording and releasing the second gindrinker single with the wonderful people who are joy of sex. the snow (up to a point). being asked to write something for the awesome joy collective. (Ahem – Ed.)

2010 was … changey.

tips and predictions for 2011:

looking forward to the right hand left hand album finally being released (please?!), playing more gigs, releasing more records, having more fun.

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