Jelas Jelas Jelas Jelas. The Bristol-based artscamps should have some saliva-worthy new stuff out in the new year, and while bassist Nat also found time to be in the righteous femmerock band Bellies! (and to avoid being involved with any sort of end of year feature), Colin locked down playing lead guitar in the Jelas, as well as being excellently tall.


The best thing I have ever seen, let alone just this year, was Boredoms on the Sunday of the Matt Groening ATP. The second best thing I’ve seen was Boredoms on the Saturday of the Matt Groening ATP. The second time was better for us because we got there early so we could be at the front and hold the barriers. When Zach Hill was carried in through the crowd I tasted Beatlemania. I was sad to wake on Monday morning in knowledge that I would not be watching Boredoms that day.

On any other year the best thing I saw would have been Action Beat in Bletchley in a little terrapin by a Golf Course. It was the first time the building had been used and as it approached the music curfew a couple of police officers came in to try and stop the band playing but they refused. It was great to see the policeman shining a light into the eyes of a sweaty drummer and shouting at him “Stop!!” but the Action Beater just shook his head and carried on. Seeing as there are three drummers it didn’t really matter if they turned off the amps. The set ended with a guitar being thrust into the ceiling for good measure and just hanging there. It only went on 2 minutes later than it should have but as soon as it did there were a couple of riot vans, a couple police cars and a couple of really angry police dogs barking away. The overreaction of the apparently underworked Milton Keynes police was absurd.

Is that ok?

btw, my favourite album was Marnie Stern.

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