Recorded music highlights of 2008
Theres been a lot of good music out this year, after seeing them and putting them on, Johnny Foreigner, storming album! then there’s Dananaykroyd following closely behind, Santogold, Lykke Li, Mogwai, Titus Andronicus gosh this list could go on for quite a while but still!

Live music highlights of 2008
Seeing Band of Horses in the Thekla was pretty special, as was Black Kids actually, they played to no-body and came out with a pretty average record but that performance was a lot of fun! There’s been a whole bunch of stuff in Cardiff too! Casio Kids, Pulled Apart By Horses, Iglu & Hartly!

What else did you enjoy this year?
Being in a band that’s half got it’s act together, we managed to jammily get a session at Maida Vale thanks to Bethan Elfyn and that was pretty much the highlight, er, we played with a bunch of bands we love! Releasing our own 7″ was pretty special too!

2008 was…
A really good beginning, I finally finished my horrible uni course this year and managed to wrangle myself a job as assistant promoter in Barfly, not as glam as it sounds but it’s good fun! I’ve also managed to see a little bit more of our fair island, well the toilet venues but still!

2009 will be…
At least half as good as 2008, or at least I hope. Lots of good bands already confirmed coming to Cardiff, Sky Larkin / Pulled Apart By Horses (Barfly), Boy Crisis (Barfly) Voluntary Butler Scheme (Barfly) and some others I can’t say just yet! Hopefully The Muscle Club will be on the road, sometime during the weeks of March, in fact definately!

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