We put on Action Beat on in Cardiff last year because we’re massive, ridiculous, gushing fanboys. Who wouldn’t be – the moment you saw the band lined up to play, in attack formation of three drummers on the floor, five guitarists wedged around them, was 2010 premier rock thrill for this piddling writer. The noise they make is soaked in the avant guitar clang of their hero Glenn Branca, but also shot through with pulsing, nervy garage energy. Instrumental ensemble throb really doesn’t get better or more rocking than this and you’d be utterly dense to miss out on bearing witness, ever. Plus, on this occasion, some proper promoters are involved, specifically as part of the always-spot on How Come nights that Bristol are lucky to have. A bulging bill; your brain to be rewired.


Action Beat + Ekoplekz + The Hysterical Injury + Eftus Spectun + more tbc

with DJs Young Master + The Janitor + Mingpirate

How Come… gets loud for February with a night of hammer n’ tongs rock action, analogue sorcery and towering sonic constructs brought to you as ever by Zun Zun Egui and Qu Junktions.

Action Beat– The irrepressible joy of a million guitars and almost as many drums all primed at your ears, precocious Action Beat bring that sweet sweet, tinnitus and perhaps the most Vesuvian punk/metal/noise eruption currently out there … but there’s an art to it that can’t be denied. Glenn Branca Juniors, in love with SOUND and from Milton Keynes.

Ekoplekz– A shadowy Bristolian who sees in dubble vision: favouring tape machines, arcane synths and pleasure boxes and a spontaneous approach to composition, the ‘plex crafts compelling mechanical un-grooves in a Cabaret Voltaire/early Human League fashion and is making waves with his releases on Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label.

The Hysterical Injury
– bludgeoning boy/girl twosome from Bath making bass, drums and voice sound like scream-along pop armageddon. Sucking up indie props from all around for the nuclear power of their live show. Hurtfully fun.

Eftus Spectun
– Bristol’s legends of protractor-defying guitar/drum composition return after a long time off, during which they’ve been throwing different kinds of musical Daggers … here they present a new set they have been chiseling to perfection for years. Maths, science and Beefheartian spirit exploded together in fun-rock form. They’re not unsung, because we are singing them.

at The Croft
(Fri 25th Feb 2011 / 8pm / £5 adv)
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