Sat 16th Jan

Barfly presents

Thee Vicars

+ Kutosis + Hyener

Doors – 7:30 PM Tickets – £4
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Thee Vicars hail from Bury St. Edmunds. To the best of my knowledge this isn’t a hotbed of sixties revivalist bands. Clearly it’s spawned a monster here though. It would be easy to hear these on the radio and be totally unaware that they existed in this day and age. They formed over a drunk conversation during yet another gig from an ‘trendy boring band’ and decided that if they wanted to hear something different they’d better do it themselves. So they did.

Their psychedelic, garage rock could be someone like the Zombies, all twangy guitar and fuzz. Live shows have a reputation for being an energetic affair. This is probably because the oldest member is still only 18! If you see the other 3 drinking, notify a bouncer! Thee Vicars are here to prove the point that life is too short for boring music.

In their own words “We play for ourselves, we couldn’t give a shit if anyone hates us, though anyone who understands good music, please feel free to chat to us.”.

Main support on the night comes from Kutosis.  Local boys who are as happy reviewing sandwich shops as they are playing raucous, punky pop music.  To the best of my knowledge they’ll only be doing the latter this evening but if you want to take a sarnie along to see what they think of it, feel free.

First on are Hyener. These 3 local lads and 1 local lass use things called keyboards and possibly even computers. This ensures that they differ from the headliners as these didn’t exist in the decade they’re mining for inspiration. Hyener also have a bag full on catchy pop songs and a few others that may well see them gracing stages with the likes of The xx rather than noisy teenage garage rockers.

Tickets are £4 in advance.

Age: +18

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