Did you know there are still tickets left for this? The Bristol date sold out at a speed later investigated at CERN (ish). Cardiff, you’re weird.


The Truth presents…


Friday 30th September @ The Globe | Cardiff

Doors 7.30pm | Tickets £15adv | Doors 6.30pm 10.00pm curfew! 14+ show.

“Who ARE The Melvins?

The Melvins have been a band for over 25 years and are regularly reffered to as ‘The Godfathers of Grunge.’

The Melvins have done a shit load of albums…. How many is a shit load? No one really knows.

The Melvins live in Los Angeles and it’s understood in hip circles that the United States tilts left and anything covered in slime tends to slide straight out to California. If your sliding too fast when you slide into San Francisco you tend to glance off south and the real scum bags end up in Los Angeles where their skin dries into a Malibu Ken tan which most hipsters have to painstakingly remove with Easy Off oven cleaner.

King Buzzo… Longest surviving and only original member left. When they get around to replacing him there will be no original members!
Dale Crover… Long standing drummer and part time guitar player. Dale likes his booze in a High Ball glass.
Jared Warren… Bass player, singer and part time drama geek. Jared also plays in the band Big Business.
Coady Willis… Drummer. Coady has a funny story about trying to play a gig in leather pants. Ask him, it’s funny as shit! Coady also plays drums in Big Business.

Anything else you want to find out? Well just look online! Some of it might even be true!

Remember – anything worth doing is worth OVER-doing..”

TICKETS available HERE – http://gigantic.com/gigant​ic/home_the_melvins.html

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