Here be monsters. But big fluffy ones: you know when these bands have crazed audience-molesting furballs for singers that all they really want is a hug and an Ovaltine. From Les Savy Fav to Gay Against You it’s more like the Muppet Show than something to be scared of, and nearly always makes even a mediocre band a thousand times more entertaining. And The Pen That Wears The Trousers sound far from ordinary – a cursory MySpace trawl brings to the surface scrappy, detuned guitars, weird Lightning Bolt-esque mouthless vocals and some sideways stabs at shiny, expansive rockscapes. Live, expect all this rolled into deranged spitballs and fired into your face area. Also pretty intriguing are the supports, which feature Ria Parfitt‘s sugary poprock songcraft, and two sets from quietists Finglebone, one of which will showcase Bristol’s gig pillar and uberfurball Big Jeff in improvised poetry mode. And that is something worth getting out of the hovel for. Hail DIY gig gold.

£3.00 ON THE DOOR – the price of a pint for a f**king good night!!!!

The Pen Wears the Trousers:

Spazz rock beefheart noise band not to be missed

Ria Parfitt :

Marnie stern, kate bush, pj harvey and auf der mar rolled into her own original sound. An artist through and through, one to keep tabs on as she establishes herself here in Bristol.


experimental layering of field recordings and ambient sounds is interwoven with light and sparkling acoustic guitar melodies. All in all, this results in a very organic sound structure

LIVE EXCLUSIVE BIG JEFF improvised Poetry with music from finglebone

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