I’ve seen Ruins once. Dude sounded like a flight of stairs, in a washing machine, falling down a flight of stairs. I’ve seen Anta once. They made swollen slabs of low-down riffs that buckled the floor (new album review coming soon). But I’ve never seen Zeni Geva. Could be that gets rectified at this gig – Zeni Geva being the long-standing, loud and fucking great Japanese band who’ve done Peel sessions, Albini-produced albums and a whole lot of prog-tweaked, metallic greatness along the way. This is a totally cracking bill, with three acts producing harsh fun on the sonic edges, and your presence is necessary.

Mon 25th October – The Colony Club presents…
Zeni Geva (Japan) / Ruins / Anta
Doors: 8pm / £8.00

ZENI GEVA is a Japanese prog-hardcore band, led by singer and guitarist KK Null, one pioneering group of innovators and legends.

ZENI GEVA was founded in Tokyo in 1987 and quickly found a dedicated fan base in Europe and the US. Their popularity in the west enabled ZENI GEVA to be one of the first Japanese bands to tour in Europe and the US with bands like Bastro, Crash Worship, Dazzling Killmen, Don Caballero, Eyehategod, Melvins, Neurosis, Pain Teens, Shellac and more.

Steve Albini rates ZENI GEVA as one of his favorite bands. He highlights the band’s wide range of influences for keeping the ZENI GEVA sound diverse and challenging. Steve also admires the way ZENI GEVA embrace the Japanese culture in their sound rather than trying to Westernize it.

Subsequent tours have comprehensively covered Europe, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, proving a fast emerging worldwide audience.

ZENI GEVA has released 12 albums (5 out of them produced by Steve Albini) on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles, Null’s self label NUX Organization, Skin Graft, Neurosis’ Neurot Recordings and more. Also ZENI GEVA recorded twice for John Peel Session on BBC.

In 2009 the 2nd original drummer Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins) who had been playing in the band in 1989-90 and recorded the 1st CD “Maximum Money Monster”, came back and brought the band with more complexity and hyper energy.

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