Full disclosure:  A Joy Collective bulb is partly responsible for this event.  But that’s just your kite mark of quality entertainment, right?  RIGHT.

Following a gestation period of a mere thirteen months, work has been completed on Spencer McGarry Season’s magnum opus Episode 2.  To celebrate this achievement, in advance of its Spring release date the band will perform the full 70-minute album in the Chapter Arts Centre theatre on Friday 19th March from 7.30pm.

There’s an ambitious lyrical and musical adventurousness in the new material which may well surprise a lot of people familiar with the relatively straightforward, if expertly executed, rock/pop moves of 2009’s Episode 1.

Produced by High Llamas/REM man Charlie Francis, who’ll also step in on bass for the gig, Episode 2 takes its cues from a broad range of influences, with the 20th century musical theatre of Rogers and Hammerstein, Gershwin and Irving Berlin noticeable alongside the baroque pop of Brian Wilson, Sufjan Stevens and The Beatles and even modern classicists Steve Reich and Philip Glass.  With huge faux-operatic moments, jazz passages, knowing avant campness and out-and-out noise, culminating in a 20-minute medley, this is a challenging yet warm and accessible record and a massive step forward.

Tickets for this intimate, all-seated show with a 12-piece mini orchestra of horns, woodwind, strings, percussion and additional singers, are on sale now at just £5.00 from the Chapter box office – either in person, or by scrolling down the list of events at

Support will come from an equally ambitious and talented source.  A dynamic young group of musicians, Cardiff New Music Collective is a prominent voice in contemporary music in Wales. They have worked with groups such as Diversions Dance, and played at venues ranging from Aberystwyth Arts Centre to Tactile Bosch in Cardiff. The group is known for commissioning new music, and this event will feature two works written for them by their associate composer Paul Jones – More Fifty Favourite Songs Everybody Loves To Hear and Spring, Leaf, Spring. The line-up will consist of flute, clarinet, viola, guitar, piano and percussion.

Selections from Episode 2 can be heard at or

“The sound of the new band is something very exciting, taking Spencer’s ear for a great melody filled out with a pop-baroque orchestration reminiscent of a 1950s Disney film. And it works, very well.” — Kruger Magazine

“Eccentric and flamboyant” — Bethan Elfyn –Radio 1

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