No offence to Oui Messy and all but I kind of like the fact that their yanking from the bill shifts Science Bastard into top slot (plus they’re currently playing 38 gigs a month anyway). And if you’re thinking “Yeah, but you would say that. One of Science Bastard helped set up this website and you have a long-standing crush on him plus the singer fancies you too and has kissed you mid set” then all I would say is: “Perhaps. But the fact remains that this Newport band are a fantastic mixture of screaming dynamics, guitar space fizz and potentially illegal audience interaction and you’d be, basically, a knob to miss them. Now leave me alone.”


July 23rd – The Riverside – Newport

Science Bastard
…Hundred Cannons


Science Bastard
Began life as a 5 piece, two members got shot in the face. They are too ugly for the public. So, 3 lady-boys are left playing their own brand of shouty music with bits and bobs. Currently recording an album. There is a message…

Hundred Cannons
A Newport 3 piece ready to make melodic noise at a drop of a corduroy trilby, with a sound like no other : once described as “death from above having sex with the horrors” with radio airplay and an album in the pipeline its looking good.

Other act tbc

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