Strange phenomena of the world part 325: Sandro Perri sounds a little bit like Neil Young but is still really, really good. That’s just his recent incarnation mind: latest album ‘Tiny Mirrors’ is a rather gorgeous swirl through quiet waters, where sweetly mumbled vocals float over guitar hazily strummed from the bottom of a distant well. This follows excursions as Polmo Polpo and Glissandro 70, dreamy turns in expansive electronics and post rock horizon pushing with a similar dedication to hushed quality. Sehr intriguing support bill too: Mantler is a little like George Dawes playing gentleman disco pop in creepily efficient formats, while Alexander Thomas takes a break from Anta and Boxcar Aldous Huxley to provide theremin-molesting spookscapes. Crumbling, beautiful music to fill the Cube’s ghostly spaces.

Tue 5th July // 8pm // £5 adv/£7 door

SANDRO PERRI (Constellation/Thrill Jockey), aka Polmo Polpo and Glissandro 70, has been working out variations on folk, electronic, dance and experimental music for the last decade. Since playing London’s ATP in 2004 he has moved in unpredictable directions, setting aside his instrumental work as Polmo Polpo to explore the intersection of song and improvisation, culminating in the wonderfully supple, liquid folk of 2007’s Tiny Mirrors. His newer material sees a merging of his interests, erasing distinctions and reaching further into what the BBC calls his “twilight world somewhere between dusk and dark.” He will play solo with synth, sampler, guitar, percussion and voice.

Originally a home-recording project, MANTLER (Chris A. Cummings – Tom Lab/Blocks Recording Club/Tin Angel) has in recent years become a regular presence on the Toronto live music scene. Playing a wurlitzer electric piano accompanied by a 1970s Rhythm Ace drum machine, Mantler has made many fans among Toronto’s music community.

Support comes from Bristol’s own ALEXANDER THOMAS, of Boxcar Aldous Huxley & Anta fame. “Alexander Thomas coaxes delicious ripples from his Theremin. This serious man and the first electronic instrument are a luscious spectacle together. His eerie soundscapes are full of pathos and seem to call up ghosts of our electronic past, from Edison to Aphex.” – QuJunktions

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