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Originaly founded by Lewis; is a heavy metal act bringing in solid riffs and destructive drumming and fronted with viscouse vocals and an epic stage performance. The band consists of Sam Kilby, Lewis Brownhill and Jordan Prosser. Together these three have been working on the best metal we can provide the public with and have been locked away for a long time to make sure every song is up to scratch and rocking, the songs bring in a mixture of thrash, melody, fast epic solos, massive drumming and bass lines, shit heavy riffs and straight to the point metal. Our aim in life is to fly the flag of metal and keep heads banging along the way and making sure everyone knows what metal is really all about fuck this hardcore scene emo shit we play metal and thats how it should be.
Fell on Black Days
Born out of the depleting industrial settlement of Ebbw Ale, South Wales
They have been described as Dominent and Antemic
The sons are the sound of pain, regret, dissapointment and the fear of what the future will bring us all performed with hope and exhilaration.
Formed by five friends all with individual infuences.
This Is Fell on Black Days
Sound The Attack
Are a 5 piece rock/melodic-metal band from the UK, producing melodic and thrashy songs, combined with an awe inspiring enslaught of very energetic stage moves at each show! ..
“When the bombs stop falling and the battle is done, you shall all be heroes! But now, chaos, rain down and let not the distortion of the dead, haunt your fears!”
The Romance Is Dead
we are a new band formed from older bands! such as the externals, bleeding lights and the walls cry blood. unlike every other band in Newport South Wales we are not about playing the same music over and over again we are new! and bring with us a differnt commercial sound. we are here with one purpose to turn the local scene on its head and conquer each and every pub and bar one step at a time! so feel free to check us out and let us know what you think, much love .
Saturday 5 September
Le Pub
Doors 8.00pm
Tickets Adv £3.00 (S.T.B.F) Door £5.00 Diverse, Rockaway, In Exile, and Spillers
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