klaus kinskiRiot Act Promotions strike again.  Saturday 26 September sees the following bands play in Le Pub.  Don’t take this as the running order though as there’s a rumour that Science Bastard will be going on first.

Klaus Kinski
They make the most unhinged and primal racket that I have ever heard. It’s mercurial and surreal: the Birthday Party fronted by a psychotic Spike Milligan [in their own words, “cannibal hymns that smell of old sex”]. If you like your music unstable, bust into a thousand unexpected shapes and ultimately thrilling, this band are for you.” – Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales)

“Sounding like fingers scraping down a blackboard, KK are a post-punk machine assaulting the senses. Backed by a rhythm section tighter than a gnat’s arse with piles, the two guitarists interweave their aggression perfectly giving the vocalist free rein to leap and fall about the stage like a man possessed – screaming and existing in his own private world.” – Gary Cut (The Fly)
Science Bastard
With a name like Science Bastard and a track titled ‘Cunt’ the Welsh contrarians are clearly not aiming for the mass market! But it’s a perfect name for a band that seamlessly blends experimental math rock (Science) with a punk attitude (Bastard) to create their own unique style of progressive punk” – The Devil Has The Best Tuna
Hundred Cannons
“a car accident, your first love, the start of something out of nothing”.

Olah muchacho’s! We are Pintogram, born from a drunken conversation about Lucha (Mexican Wrestling). Always looking for new ways to hurt ourselves for the entertainment of others we formed. We sing songs about Lucha, fighting and Mexican food. You will not know our faces for this is not for you to see, our masks are our identity and our pride. We try to incourage as many fellow Lucha to attend our shows as possible, if you have a mascaras, wear it to our show, it makes sense to us. ALL VIOLENCE, NO MALICE!
Ah, the Bosch conundrum. It goes a little something like this: there are no official members in the band. everyone is encouraged to participate. there are no songs, only improkak. bosch music sometimes makes members of the audience feel physically sick. bosch will not conform to playing in a uniform key. all music heard on this page is improkak, recorded with the greatest british attention to the wrong detail. videos are watchable by clicking the videos button on the left. a growing number of people think bosch is the best band in NEWPORT

Doors 20.00
Tickets Adv £5.00 (S.T.B.F)
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