Riot Act ! Promotions are involved in 2 gigs this weekend, this one is entirely their own and is in Le Pub on Friday.

The Flying Spider Revival
Flying Spiders abound. A quick perusal of the great oracle of Wikipedia reveals that spiders weighing less than 1mg fly about us constantly, tip-toeing and flinging long web strands into the winds to catch the breeze. Most flights only last for 5 metres or so, but it is commonly believed that spiders migrate or even invade islands in this fashion. This is pure factual information.

Monster Hand
Some were speechless, others shouted as they ran “It’s hideous!” and “the horror … the horror!” one crazed fan seemed to mutter “monster hand … monster hand …” repeatedly as she walked away from the scene in some sort of feverish trance … Dr Jonny Stagg, the respected forensic scientist, was left baffled after inspecting the scene of their latest gig saying “It seems all the victims were exposed to extremely high levels of sweet, sweet reggae music” . Authorities are appealing for witnesses to remain calm and begin skanking as soon as they see fit.

Urban Legends
Brand new hip hop that you’ve never heard before.!!!

Recovery Wing
A two piece from South Wales, we’ve been playing together for about 4-5 years now; dedicating our lives to music. We’ve dabbled in other styles, but at the moment we feel its time for something fresh and new. Thanks for checking us out and taking the time to read this. Feel free to leave a comment or two, the more feedback the better!

Tickets £3.00 Adv £5.00 Door
Doors 8.00pm Diverse, Rckaway, In Exile, and Spillers
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