Friday 27 Feb 2010 @ Le Pub

Exit International

“However, I made an early exit in anticipation of PLUGGED IN favourites Exit International. The three-piece totally blew me away. Hard, driving and ballsy rock hammered through the top floor of Clwb Ifor Bach, pile-driving everything in its way. Quick songs with immensely satisfying riffs, and some catchy lyrics make Exit International a class act, and certainly ones to watch – all bass and drums and one kick-ass live band. The highest tornado in history clocked up around 484 km/hour. I think it’s just been blown away!”

Plugged In Magazine – Nov 2009

Go see this show – EXIT INTERNATIONAL are the most intense live act on the scene at the moment. Think the Midasuno Nastier Rifles with bayonets and even more killer songs. And if Julian’s booking the show you can bet all the bands will destroy your ears in the best way possible.

Martin Bowen –Jan 2010

The Buffalo Kings

Based in Swansea, South Wales, the Buffalo Kings have been hard at work. With a new line-up, they’re best heard live and loud. The band are back on the road and hitting it hard with their own unique and potent blend of whiskey laden power grooves. Best described as a rolling juggernaut of fuzz rock rekindling the very spirit of the golden era of rock n roll. Creating an electric atmosphere of blistering energy that leaves crowds astounded and craving more. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground……The Buffalo Kings are coming!


Prominent Swansea prog/spacerock band Prosperina are set to hit Le Pub Newport in their first of many gigs in their 2010 schedule. The band have been busying themselves with the creation of their debut album ‘Faith In Sleep’ which is set for release in the first half of this year. Produced by Joe Gibb and frontman Gethin Woolcock, the record showcases the band’s epic, heavy but ultimately melodic sound which is equally influenced by grunge, stoner rock, spacerock, doom and progressive rock. For the latest information and future tour dates visit:

Sloppy Joe

With a stage presence that is way beyond their age, Sloppy Joe force themselves onto you. The lead singer commands attention from the audience and gets it, energising the crowd creating a great atmosphere. Pushing out sounds that reminded me of an early Sham 69 then turning into a metal/punk outfit with a great cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” this band can only get better and with more gigs like this they are going in the right direction.’


“Trader have been propagating melodic seeds all over their hometown of Wrexham since 2006. They’re fresh-faced youngsters who’d get asked for ID in most of the pensioners’ watering holes I frequent. No surprises, then, that this track – Mi Amour – is resplendent in its wide-eyed, childish wonder. It’s a fine, anthemic tune that refracts the brighter rays of Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev into something stirring and timeless. It reminds me of Roy Orbison’s In Dreams, too, in that it eschews a predictable verse / chorus structure in favour of throwing as many shapes into the air as possible. It’s maybe a little too eager to please or impress but I prefer that kind of eagerness over faux insouciance disguising a barren imagination any day of the week. I don’t know about love, but me like this a lot.”

Adam Walton, Radio 1 – 24/11/09.

Doors 8.00pm – Late

Tickets £3.00 Adv Door £5.00 Diverse, Kriminal Records,  In Exile, and Spillers

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