Lord, the Mountain Of 8 was enough. Last year, QU Junktions took over the Arnolfini, seeding two arts centre rooms with enough wildly creative and bonkersly out there music to convert the Pope. From Wildbirds & Peacedrums to Silver Pyre it flew like a dream (see HERE for excitable rambling). And like an absurdly generous boomerang it’s back, this time one louder. More, whatever. So mad props to overwrought fevergoths Xiu Xiu, creepy wall crawlers Lichens, bubbly weirdos Munch Munch, dubbed out dreamers Mount Kimbie and literally six other bands and scamps. Why are there ten bands playing? You’ve lost your mind already.

Mountain of 9

with Xiu Xiu + Mount Kimbie + Lichens + Paul Metzger + Munch Munch + Former Ghosts + Position Normal  + bfax + Hesomagari + Field Agent Slow Learner

at Arnolfini
(Sat 30th Oct 2010 / 6pm / £12.50 adv)
An evening of Art-House music with added atmospheric pressure. Overwhelming emotions, show tunes and theatrics mingle with beat making science, crazed song manipulations and beautifully strung out blues. Acts locked into their own grooves perform with total expression as Halloween rages through the city centre. Darken the arts, ripen the mood.

Scare yourself with some compelling gothic body pop from the USA with Xiu Xiu Dance with the dreamtime trks deployed by Mount Kimbie. Get goody time with the unreal sound collage of Position Normal. Feel unreal with the banjo playing of Paul Metzger – the cosmic hobo. Upset the rhythm and feel with warm heart of Munch Munch. Lichens (Kranky) goes for ghostly atmos with wordless vocals and swathes of effects. Witness a starkly original collage of synths, beats and song from Former Ghosts. Uncurl to the gorgeously facsimiled song ghosts of bfax. Twist into the anti-pop of Hesomagari (part of ZZE and SJ Esau). From Berlin Field Agent Slow Learner whips the revellers into a sort of carnival of souls.

Two rooms of music + DJ + painted ghoul-masks.

A Mountain Of 9 comes after the Mountain Of 8.

A Qu Junktions/Arnolfini production

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