Yes, the picture’s of Zun Zun Egui but you could equally illustrate this gig with an image of a massive buffet, a pile of Christmas presents or, I dunno, loads of great bands crammed into one venue. Ain’t no party like a QU party I guess and the latest How Come offers continent-crossing out-rock, Stones Throw-connected thumps, blissful guitar shapes, skull-pleasing noise and a brainload more. Read on, turn up.

HOW COME… Zun Zun Egui + Rekordah + Eric Chenaux

with The Bad Joke That Ended Well + one more special guest tba + Djs: Campingplatz + Mingpirate + Young Master + The Janitor

at The Croft
(Fri 17th Sep 2010 / 8pm / £5 adv / £6 on the door)
YOWL…its time again to ask….How Come…

The wild and widescreen live action nightclub brought to you by Zun Zun Egui and Qu Junktions returns for a monthly run of events through to the end of ’10. As always very local and as worldwide as we can stretch it. Dust gets kicked up and trks from a deep selection of sources get amped up and spun around. How Come…oozes music out of every pore.

Here’s what’s How Coming in September:

Zun Zun Egui. The band have been traversing the globe transmorphogising, rocking up and rolling out their music to delirious effect. ZZE play four games at once. It just does not make sense…, big bass lines, time-stretched melodies and straight edge intensity all cut up by rum drenched rhythms. South American fandangos rough necking with pink noise or just a yelp and a handclap leading you on a trip to the edges.

Want to also alert you to the news there will be a new ZZE 12” on Blank Tapes called ‘Kass To La Sènn’ and it should be in stock at this show!

Rekordah – Super-tweaked, neck-snapping neon grooves from Luke Owen, a very young producer, remixer of Ikonika and Stones Throw collaborator who drank deep from Bristol’s well of beatmaking pedigree before a recent relocation to London. Luke’s new-hatched Astro:Dynamics label continues, like him, to push fresh gradients of hip hop, patrolling all known frequencies. Bump.

Eric Chenaux – beauty and intrigue hanging from six nylon strings courtesy of Canada’s most prolific and respected musical iconoclasts, expertly assembling modern-day folk lullabies with vivid splashes of Talk Talk, Robert Wyatt and John Martyn. New album “Warm Weather With Ryan Driver” is out soon, desired and on Constellation.

The Bad Joke That Ended Well
– Hemp rock played with fangs and a literary flair from these locals with close ties to Zun Zun Egui.

GNOD – These Mancunian sorcerers suck drone, psych, afro-germanic groove, free jazz firepower and all the world besides through a portal into somewhere better/wilder/other. They do this on record for Bristol’s Rocket Recordings (see the mind-flipping recent collab LP with White Hills), and they do it on stage with a number of disciples that expands and retracts in righteous, give-a-fuck Sunburned style. Get ready to get heavy.

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