Beautiful bliss out action TIMES TWO. This really is a fantastic pairing of two bands who go OUT THERE, and make you WRITE IN CAPITALS. Group Inerane inevitably get lumped in with Omar Suleiman and Group Doueh in that they’ve been released on Sublime Frequencies before being put in the tour van and pointed towards Europe, but that’s fine really: SF being quite brilliant at releasing batshit ace music from around the globe, a more water-tight compliment would be hard to find. From Agadez, Niger, this Group play fantasticly fuzzy, mantric rock and roll that luxuriates in dusty, sideways beauty. Also going to be a total treat is Flower-Corsano Duo, the meeting of Mick’s transcendent, Godlike Japanese banjo and Chris’s bonkers, junkshop, uberGodlike drumming skills. They’ll take your brain to another galaxy. This will be the closest you can get to ATP’s killer spirit without sleeping in Butlins, and easily the gig of the month. We should send QU Junktions a badge or something.

Group Inerane

Flower-Corsano Duo
Tuesday 29 November 2011
The Croft
117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol
8.00pm – 12.00am | £10 adv | Buy Tickets

A dream pairing of two of the most ecstatic and transcendental rock units imaginable. Simmering up from the rebel heart of the Tuareg guitar scene, Group Inerane are a rough-hewn, tranced-out juggernaut from Niger with two white-hot albums on Sublime Frequencies to their name; Flower-Corsano Duo is the thrilling collaboration between kinetic free drummer Chris Corsano and Vibracathedral Orchestra’s Mick Flower (shaahi baaja or Japanese banjo). Whether channelling West African guitar practice or free noise dynamics, both bands are capable of extended jams that reach for altered zones. A one-off and profoundly psychedelic double bill.

Group Inerane are the latest band to make the transition from the rich catalogue of Sublime Frequencies recordings to the live stages of Europe. This is perhaps the most anticipated of them all, the one we have been waiting for since Guitars From Agadez Vol. 1 first stormed from the speakers and sold out in record time four years ago.

Centred around band leader and six-string god Bibi Ahmed, Inerane hail from Agadez, Niger, one of the most volatile zones in West Africa. Out of this vast, arid land long beset by political unrest comes the Inerane sound, fit to bring tumultuous joy to any party on the globe: ecstatic and electrified Saharan guitar modes entangle/disentangle themselves around mantric vocals and propulsive trap kit drum attack. Genuinely rocking and raw as hell, at points the fuzz descends and Inerane seem to bore their way to the mainline of rock ‘n’ roll itself.

A second Inerane album, Vol. 3 of the Guitars From Agadez series, came out last year with a repress due for this tour, and gives further call to rejoice. There will also be a scorching tour-only 7″.

“This music is plain wonderful, life-affirming, and celebratory any way you look at it, and if you consider its origins, even more so”Tiny Mix Tapes

“Group Inerane … encompasses the most exciting aspects of the Tuareg guitar style … a new form of Saharan psychedelia” – Dusted

Flower-Corsano Duo
is a mystical, rocking jazz journey like no other from two underground music makers who have a special chemistry. A dynamic and heavenly combination of Chris Corsano‘s freeform rhythm patterns and Mick Flower‘s ecstatic wall of noise, this really is a trip into a ZONE. 2 albums on VHF/Textile and an incendiary live show have spread the word.

Michael Flower is known as a member of Leed’s Vibracathedral Orchestra, a lynchpin of the improvising rock/noise/drone world. He has also played and released with artists such as Tony Conrad, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, MV&EE and his own Michael Flower Band. His playing can be overloaded and pin you to the ground or blissfully graceful, even holy, his expansive sound lifting you to higher levels.

Chris Corsano‘s drumming has to be seen to be fully appreciated. An ‘into the void’ musician who collaborates with a huge range of artists and can still pull off mad solo shit. It is a rare drummer that can hold his own with his customized kit, clatter practice and circular breathing drone exhortations but retain a dynamic and structure that works. Loose-limbed, intense, even melodic, he exposes the audience to sounds and rhythms that defy normality. He moves light-footed around the world sparking off into all kinds of collaborations with the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Joe Mcphee, John Edwards, Whitehouse, Bjork, Thurston Moore and Bill Nace among many.

Group Inerane

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