One for the Bristol-ites. Three Syllables present Zombie Zombie (who are in Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach tonight but I’d forgotten, if you want details, go to the Facebook event page here).

Organic Kraut-disco ghouls ZOMBIE ZOMBIE are shit hot, make no bones about it. Part of a burgeoning clique of warped retro activity in the French capital that is being called Psych Noveau.

So go on, go Google them, and see how many people name dropped them in their lists of “top albums of 2008” blog jobbies. In all honesty, their debut full length “Land For the Renegades” on the mighty Versatile Records is truely sensational. Recorded and mixed by ANTOINE GAILLET in their research lab in Paris in the heat of August 2006. ZOMBIE ZOMBIE invited extra special guests from TURZI, HERMAN DUNE and FRICTION to help out.

There’s two of them, Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman (from check this…. HERMAN DUNE) and they describe their music by “using sound and rhythm as a medium to explore the feeling of fear growing deep inside of you. You’ll go through different emotional stages with the analogue effects. The drumming will make your heart beat faster, like in a horror movie when the car won’t start, you give it one last try.”

Surrounded by a mass of analogue instruments that would make the list of any professional eBay prowler sweat with the prospect of owning half of their kit! Their equipment list reads like Robert Moog’s toilet literature collection. Tonight Matthew, I’m gonna get my box fried by theremin, space echo’s (RE201 – yeah, the REAL one), Prophet 600, ARPprodGX, Roland SH101, 808 Roland and much more. Couple that with Cosmic’s hammer of Thor drumming and fiddly percussions, tape recorder, analog delay Ibanez UE305, toy piano and plenty of screaming and you’re in for more fun than an open casket funeral.

If Neo was offered up the chance of a luminous pink tablet instead, then ZOMBIE ZOMBIE would be the original guinea pigs singing its praises – they’d certainly be sound tracking the whole event as a minimum. I swear these guys are apprentices of Sir Leon Theremin’s transported back in time to really show our girlfriend’s how to shake their asses. Yep, the dance floors have been that dead for that long!

We know the Parisians have always been on top on anything that’s electro based, I went to a party there in 1998 and they were dancing to all this electro fuelled eighties bollocks then! Now that’s proof how ahead of their time they all are, and the hosts weren’t even hip cats! All we had over here was poxy Britpop.

Imagine the best bits of LA FUNK MOB, CASSIUS, DAFT PUNK, STARDUST (yeah, they rocked!) and then drown that lot in a cesspit of GOBLIN, JOHN CARPENTER, GUILIANO SORGINI (yeah, remember HIM, go on, Google him), DELIA DERBYSHIRE, RAYMOND SCOTT, SUICIDE, SILVER APPLES AND NEU.

If George A was around, he’d shit a brick after hearing this.

If you ever fancied sleeping with GIORGIO MORODER, TANGERINE DREAM, and HAROLD FALTERMEYER in their heyday and all at the same time but couldn’t quite afford it or bring yourself to don the nylon jumpsuit, then you can now with the all new ANTONI MAIOVVI. It’s quite simply synth-sexual!

Making a rare appearance playing completely live, he’s left the records at home, and will be sure to leave many of the Nike pump wearing, lumionous jumpered know-it-al crew dumstruck. ANTONI MAIOVVI is special, really special.

ANTONI MAIOVVI is a lone survivor, the last bastion of human existence. He sees this landscape through a visor of green vectors. When he’s not tracking down and killing the beasts that tore his own family limb for limb, he constructs musical machines out of scrap, composing the synthetic days away until night comes rapping on his door and draws him into the hunt with the scent of a forgotten whore.

The music pumps through his veins; the age old pistons of a speed boat cursing the dead lakes that suck the city into their depths, one building at a time. Super-charged with a beat, the hunters become the hunted. The shotgun is his weapon of choice; their flowering heads his dashboard trophies, their teeth his gum, the double dead consumed by a pall of vitriolic petroleum.

Ticket information: £7 adv / £8 doors.


In the flesh: Bristol Ticket Shop / doors on the night.


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