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The band was formed in the summer of 2006 by Jordan Bool and Matthew Westcott, who decided to create an alternative and progressively-fuelled band, influenced by the likes of Rush, Mars Volta, and wide range of rock genres and styling’s.
Jordan and Matthew were later joined by talented Mike Edwards on drums, Alex Read on Guitar and finally, Eleanor Phillips as Lead Vocalist and frontman; all contributing to the composition process of their material, with most lyrics written with Jack Price, friend of the band.

The Drugs That Killed Kids
The Drug That Killed The Kids are from Crickhowell and were formed on 25th September 2007. The band were formed with after discovering all 4 members had a desire to create music that was different. They wanted to create music that really connected with people and meant something. After 2 line up changes the band now consist of: –
Joe Disson – Guitar/Vocals
Lewis Bray – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Roach – Bass
Andrew Williams – Drums
Earlier in the year the band recorded their Debut EP ‘Methods to Self Destruct’. The EP shows the band creating walls of guitars with soaring and catchy melodies. The EP also got the band their first set of gigs and their first Play on Beth Elfyn’s Radio 1 Show.
Since Then The band have started working on a second EP which will show the band having a more edgy sound. Look out for the first taster track ‘Friends & Enemies’ coming soon.

Dead Fashion
Dead Fashion have recentaly been signed to “Lemonlyte Records” and will be recorden there debut single in jan 09. the band have been 2gether for a year but new members James & Joel have been only been in the band for the last 2 to 4 months.
So look out for our album in stores summer 09.

Toliverant originally formed with five friends in March 2007 but the members decided to go their seperate ways after a conflict of different styles of music. Lewis continued with ToliVeranT and sought out to seek the best lineup he could and went through many firing and hirings of different people. After many more failed tryouts Jordan came along and took hold of bass lewis and Jordan continued to look for a lead guitarist. Fish soon came long and took hold of the lead guitar after a while the old drummer of Toliverant left and was soon replaced by Sam. The band now concentrates on making the heaviest, fastest thrash metal songs they can possibly provide you with whilst also mixing brutality with melody and harmony, with jumpy, brutal, dark riffs of raging metal we hope to see you destroying one another in the moshpits and to get as many bodies flying around as possible.

Doors 8pm. Tickets £3.00Adv Door £5.00

available from Diverse, Rockaway ,In Exile, and Spillers
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