Riot Act! Promotions begins 2009 with some old favourites, New State Radio headline the first show of the new year in Le Pub on Friday 16 January.

New State Radio
New State Radio are a hard-hitting four-piece political rock band from Newport, South Wales. Original members Richie Whittaker (Vocals/Guitar), Adam Brustad (Drums), and James Sadler (Bass) have recently been joined by Simon Strickland (Guitar)
The band formed in the summer of 2006, while the news was dominated by the Israeli bombing of Lebanon. Outraged, the band wrote ‘Lebanon Is Burning’, immediately setting out their stall as intelligent, uncompromising artists. They released the brilliantly received Broadcast News EP in early 2007, with songs such as the Orwellian ‘Not Far From Fiction’ and World War I tribute ‘Sons to the Guns’ grabbing the attention of BBC Wales among others. This was followed by a UK tour in Summer 2007, taking in venues such as the Water Rats in London and the Cavern in Liverpool, and also organising a successful gig in aid of Stop The War, during which they collaborated with Manics-connected Welsh poet Patrick Jones and were interviewed for The Big Issue Cymru.
New State Radio continue to expand their fan base while throwing their support behind causes such as No 2 ID (a campaign against the introduction of compulsory ID cards and a DNA database) and Love Music, Hate Racism. They also continue to be outspoken critics of the war in Iraq, the rise of the BNP, and ‘New’ Labour’s relentless attack on the working-class. With a new record and tour planned for the end of 2008 and a more expansive sound through recent addition Simon Strickland’s guitar, NSR hope to spread their message further afield for a long time to come!”
“Tune in to New State Radio”, “Truth and justice in various tempos”, and “Music affects every corner of society and, with conviction, can change it. We think the rest of our generation feels the same. How do you feel?” Pepto Dismal

Man Of The Hour
Everybody wants something new, everybody wants a distraction and a reason to tune in and open their ears. Not many bands indulge these necessities to the point of even attracting your full attention, forget the background noise, this is Man of the Hour…
South Wales’ freshest sextet are bursting out of Merthyr Tydfil with an instant knack for partying and a desire to leave behind them a trail of destruction equating to a smile on everybody’s face. Bold, all conquering ambitions they may be not; but Man of the Hour are already attracting attention. Their fierce brand of synth-led power-pop/pop-punk is an instant holding point for so many ears, add to that the irresistible hooks and soaring melodies and you have an instant cocktail of musical delight.

Crack in with the energy and passion these five guys and a girl put into everything (especially a live show), and their desire to just make people dance and you’ve got a winning formula. Man of the Hour are definitely worth a moment of your time, take a listen, you might just find yourself struggling to leave.

Having featured on BBC Radio One and attracted attention from almost everywhere within a matter of months, this band is definitely around for the long haul. It’s up to you whether or not you choose to be a part of it, but believe this; these guys will rock your world and when it’s all over you’ll find that smile is pretty hard to wipe off your face! So don’t miss out…

Dead Fashion
Fashion have recentaly been signed to “Lemonlyte Records” and will be recorden there debut single in jan 09. the band have been 2gether for a year but new members James & Joel have been only been in the band for the last 2 to 4 months.
So look out for our album in stores summer 09

Benjamin Squibbs
is a singer songwriter from Newport South Wales. who writes songs about big cities, worldwide tradegies, being fed up with the american government and lost love.
“Ive never been interested in just writing about one subject, i always find artists more interesting if you can see what they think about everything they see and thats what i try to do”
He has currently recorded an album worth of tracks that will be released towards the end of the year and is already well into the writing and recording of his second full length
“My favourite artists have always been the ones where you can find a new album by them every single year. . . . . i once read a quote that said you can either be like Neil Young or Bruce Springstein. Neil Young will give you an album every year that will have 2 brilliant songs on there, 6 good ones and two not so good ones, where as Bruce will release an album every 5 years where there will be 8 brilliant songs on there and 2 good ones. . . .. hopefully i’ll get to be like both and release an album every year with 10 important songs”.

Tickets Adv £3.00 STBF, Door £5.00 available from Diverse, Rockaway ,In Exile, and Spillers


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