Riot Act! Promotions gigs coming think and fast. This Saturday sees the following band of outlaws play at Le Pub…

Klaus Kinski
“They make the most unhinged and primal racket that I have ever heard. It’s mercurial and surreal: the Birthday Party fronted by a psychotic Spike Milligan [in their own words, “cannibal hymns that smell of old sex”]. If you like your music unstable, bust into a thousand unexpected shapes and ultimately thrilling, this band are for you.” – Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales)

“Sounding like fingers scraping down a blackboard, KK are a post-punk machine assaulting the senses. Backed by a rhythm section tighter than a gnat’s arse with piles, the two guitarists interweave their aggression perfectly giving the vocalist free rein to leap and fall about the stage like a man possessed – screaming and existing in his own private world.” – Gary Cut (The Fly)

“Jumping along to the downstairs department in Clwb, Klaus Kinski decorated the stage with a banner of a penis and smashed the hell out of their instruments, vigorously confusing some members of the crowd. Fully wailing, the showman (donning a brown paper bag mask) lunged/ crawled/ thrust his was along the floor whilst clenching the microphone close. The power of the penis prevailed as the crowd warmed to its mighty supremacy.” – God Is In the TV

Klaus Kinski (Band) has been a band called Klaus Kinski since sometime in 2005. Formed in the graveyard of a freshly burnt church in Llanfairfechan by old friends Jake McKenna and Edwin Stevens, originally formed to channel their love of Bauhaus, Satanism and Herzog films onto a four track tape recorder in Edwin’s room, the band has now become a five piece guilt ridden no-wave post-punk flamingo with massive delusions of grandeur.

Singer James Starkey (of James Starkey fame) joined in 2006 for the debut EP ‘BATS!’, with which the band did very little. In 2007 they drunkenly approached Alan Holmes of Ectogram at a gig in Hendre Hall to record a split CD with them, reluctantly, Alan agreed and Ed, James and Jake, (being well chuffed at the prospect of sharing a disc with one of their favourite Welsh bands ever) got their collective ‘shit together’. Dylan “Deebo” Hughes joined the band as guitarist/keyboardist (because he was really, really good at both those things) and they went to Russ Hayes’ studio in Penmaenmawr and recorded their half of the split. The CD that clocked in at almost an hour of pure sonic prolapse (Ectogram contributed a wonderful half hour improvised piece) was released by ‘GIANT HELL’, Edwin and Dylan’s own handmade packaging label in 2008, which still operates today, specialising in experimental, folk, improv and punk acts.

The CD was a hit the world over and very briefly cured all of the AIDS in Africa. Bono of U2 fame praised both bands and Smash Hits Magazine said it was “Dead Good”. Fresh from the MASSIVE success of the split, Ed and Jake joined Dylan in Manchester to pursue academic studies and to also get away from all the drugs and hookers.

September 2008 saw Klaus Kinski perform their first gig playing actual songs (not just noise) at Clwb Ifor Bach on the BBC introducing stage for sexy radio DJ Adam Walton. Here they performed with now full time member Domic Tanner on guitar and it was ace. Since then the band have been playing a stupid amount of gigs around the UK and have recorded about 500 albums worth of new material. The most recent record ‘Skelington Horse’ will be ready for sale in September 2009. It is ace.

Pioneers of AGITrawk, Loci are a visceral frenzy – frustration-fuelled and low on ritalin.
Haemorrhaging for your pleasure, over the last 100 shows Loci have left a wake of destroyed instruments and body parts across the country. While airplay and press within the UK and internationally have demonstrated an even wider reach.
Now, following the success of the Filtered to Function EP and Loci Hate You Tour, they are touring their self-produced sophomore release ‘Medic’ – a grindhouse blend of the sarcastic, damaged and vital.

“Raw energy unleashed” Punk Scene

“Honest, raw, brutal and bruised – Loci demand you sit up and take notice” UK music search

“Shreddy pounding agit-rock” The Fly

“Three people who refuse to play the game and have created a sound of their own.” Street Voice

The Drug That Killed The Kids
The Drug That Killed The Kids are from Crickhowell and were formed on 25th September 2007. The band were formed with after discovering all 4 members had a desire to create music that was different. They wanted to create music that really connected with people and meant something.
Last year the band recorded their Debut EP ‘Methods to Self Destruct’. The EP shows the band creating walls of guitars with soaring and catchy melodies. The EP also got the band their first set of gigs and their first Play on Beth Elfyn’s Radio 1 Show.
Since Then The band have started working on a second EP which will show the band having a more edgy sound. Look out for the first taster track ‘Friends & Enemies’ coming soon.

The Spiral
The Spiral began in 2007 when Adam, Danny and Harry united paths on their rock journey quickly generating a reputation as a high energy, hard working, super-catchy rock trio. Embracing the past while creating the future, for these guys, music is a no-apologies way of life. “Last time I saw ‘The Spiral’, they were just starting to unwind after a high-energy show. What stuck in mind was the super-tight performance, summoning the hard edges of psych-rock in the Doors or the Kinks, replete with screaming valve guitar sounds, huge, dynamic drumming and bouncy basslines that stay right in the pocket. Not content to let the energy of the show fade, the boys are chatting to excited fans and passing out copies of their new demo. With the strains of excellent rock still vibrating in my head, I’m not sure which of the Spiral’s charms struck me the hardest – the distinctiveness of this 3-piece band that sounds and plays like a 4-piece, or perhaps the timelessness of the sound that pays as much tribute to pushing new rock boundaries as it does to vintage rock n’ roll. ‘The Spiral’ will rock you.” Quinn, Gracenote Studios.
The Spiral return to Le Pub due to popular demand

Doors 20.00
Tickets Adv £5.00(STBF) Diverse, Rockaway ,In Exile, and Spillers
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