Riot Act! Promotions time, Friday 17th October sees the following play at Le Pub.

Johnny Trashed
If the legend that is Johnny Cash was born in Wales and was in a Garage come Country band with Punk stylings . . . He’d probably sound a lil something like this! Faithfully backed by the taff trail three, think Johnny Cash on speed! Hey, hold your god-damn horses for a cotton pickin moment, he WAS on speed, maybe that should be Crystal Meth then!

Coming to a saloon near you real soon, Johnny Trashed are:-
Matty Trash- Lead Vocals, Guitar and Pouty Mood Swings. The Outlaw Bob Anog- Bass and Vocals, Breaking up equipment and Fallin’ down. The Right Rev. Dr. DomOnicae- Lead Guitar, Vocals and Accordiae and whatever other instrument we tell him to play, also now taking bookings for Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals. Andy BoBandy from San Quentin- Drums, Percussion and Washboard and June (Thelma Jean Hancock) Trash – Vocals.

I am The Door
More to follow…

Marjorama – In 2008, four music students formed a band. Their objective was to entertain and open up a new style of alternative rock, the likes of which had never been heard throughout the genre. Situated within South Wales, Marjorama aim to get recognised throughout the music industry for their song writing capabilities, musical techniques and performance values. Widely regarded as a band that express themselves individually through their instruments, Marjorama seem to be going places fast. People regard them as an extremely catchy original band, which seem to have the full package when talking about each members influences over one another other. This band seem to know what it takes to make an audience appreciate them, which again highlights the diversity of their music. If you haven’t yet witnessed Marjorama, I would highly recommend them. Judge their music for yourself.

Article by Mike Matthews, local music editor.

Tickets £3.00 Advance and £5.00 Door
Available from Diverse, Rockaway ,In Exile, and Spillers

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