Riot Act ! Promotions time again, this Friday in Le Pub with the following:

7 inch giants
From a region where everyone sounds like the Sterophonics, 7 Inch Giants offer a breath of fresh air to the world of rock/metal. Cutting edge guitar playing, pumping rhythms and catchy vocals form a unique blend of rock/ metal that will peel your skin off and were not afraid of a guitar solo either!!!
That’s it for the self promotion bit!!! The Giants were formed in 2004 when Jim, Matt, Greg got together with bassist Elliot with a mission in mind to play the music we wanted to play. All of us have experienced the pub/ club scene and were fed up with doing endless covers. With this in mind we basically locked ourselves in a room for a year writing and practicing our own original material. After a few support slots to gauge the public reaction we decided to go into the studio to produce our 4 track EP debut entitled Empty Stage. Our Influences vary from the Police to Metallica but our sound is our own!

In 2008, four music students formed a band. Their objective was to entertain and open up a new style of alternative rock, the likes of which had never been heard throughout the genre. Situated within South Wales, Marjorama aim to get recognised throughout the music industry for their song writing capabilities, musical techniques and performance values. Widely regarded as a band that express themselves individually through their instruments, Marjorama seem to be going places fast. People regard them as an extremely catchy original band, which seem to have the full package when talking about each members influences over one another other. This band seem to know what it takes to make an audience appreciate them, which again highlights the diversity of their music. If you haven’t yet witnessed Marjorama, I would highly recommend them. Judge their music for yourself. Article by Mike Matthews, local music editor.

Henrys Funeral Shoe
Henry’s Funeral Shoe are a two piece Rock/Blues band consisting of two brothers from the South Wales valley‘s with such influences as Tom Waits, The Black Keys and The who. The Band was formed in late 2007 and since then the band has been touring Wales and the UK whilst recording they’re debut E.P which will be available at the end of October 2008.

The Three Aces
Greetings fellow navigators and welcome to this, the Mecca for all things Three Aces!
Whether you’re a dear old friend, some random american band from a forum, one of our many centrefolds (who probably couldn’t even SEE a monitor over their boobs, much less check here) or just some poor sap gullible enough to fall for our spamming and self promotion, we love you all, each and every one. Almost as much as we love our music. More than anything else I hope it’s that that shines through in the songs.

Tickets are £3.00 advance and £5.00 on the door, available in Diverse, Spillers and online.

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