Riot Act! Promotions have a flurry of Christmas activity continuing in Le Pub on Friday the 19th with…

The Stilletoes
Here is Adam Walton’s review of the gig for The Fly magazine:

‘The Stilletoes are raw and irreverent. Their singer and guitarist, Efa, shines brighter than the monstrous decorations festooning St Mary Street. In essence, they’re a punk band fuelled by fearless enthusiasm and charisma. They have the musos in the audience muttering into their pint glasses and the rest of us wondering if this is how ace Nirvana would have sounded had they been fronted by a hyperactive, sherbet bomb of an 18yr old from Criccieth.’

And for those of you with a longer attention span…

……………The Stilletoes’ take on the world is Day Glo-different. Maybe Criccieth, or wherever it is that Efa and Iago are from, is inherently more upbeat. Maybe geography has nothing to do with it. Efa is a major force of unalloyed charisma, imaginative power, confidence and fearlessness. If Efa was a drug, we’d all be happier and feel younger, but — as she isn’t — we’ll have to make do with the music. Which will do fine for now.

Do not patronise the Stilletoes. Immediately after their set, a bloke outside was telling me how he’d hated them, “they can’t play or keep in time, or anything”, he said, risking a poke in his funless eyeball.

They can play.

They can keep in time.

That the set is allowed to spin wildly away from such elitist conservatism is perhaps what is at the heart of their appeal. They as a band understand, implicitly, that plodding through songs and making sure your fingers are like little soldiers following orders all the time is dull dull dull compared to what happens if you just UNLEASH.

 By the end of their set the Stilletoes were as tight and in tune as any other poncey, chinstrokey motherfucker who graced a Sŵn stage over the weekend. But the Stilletoes had also given us boundless enthusiasm, irreverence and a feeling that they make the world a better and a brighter place. And no learned-by-rote scale or arch instrumentation can compete with that.

They were a triumph.

The Drug That Killed The Kids
The Drug That Killed The Kids are from Crickhowell and were formed on 25th September 2007. The band were formed with after discovering all 4 members had a desire to create music that was different. They wanted to create music that really connected with people and meant something.

Martinez The Pig
Martinez the Pig, is one of the best punk bands around. After a quiet autumn they are looking forward to a noisy Christmas at Le Pub with the Stilletoes. Martinez the Pig is a guitar/bass/drums combo from the Port and have been around since last year playing songs about lust, betrayal, death and lust. They like lust and so will you.

Doors 8.00 – Late
Tickets £5.00Adv (S.T.B.F)
Avaialable: Diverse, Rockaway, In Exile ,Spillers , and we got
Further Info

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  1. I was half way through reading that 2nd review of the Stilletoes, thinking to myself, “that’s so much better than the pat drivel that I wrote” when I realised… this site is brilliant, by the way. If you’re up for doing something on my show, let me know! bye. [shiver]

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