Many reasons to come to this. MANY. Piatcions (sometimes known as Thee Piatcions, which I’m always partial to) are an Italian band that swoon with guitar layers, wibbling between hazy psychwaves and creamy shoegaze goodness. Recent LP ‘Senseless>Sense’ is nicely tuneful too, though telling you it reminds me of a equally nice album by a band called Donkey from a few moons ago may or may not help matters. But look, what’s this – the first live appearance by Laura Bryon’s new band, the lady responsible for some excellent music in King Alexander and Le B? Well yes, turn up early for Tender Prey. And be nice to the DJs – we’re only allowed out once a month or so, but we’ll do our best, this time I think through the medium of surf music. It’s a plan.

Monday 21st November
8pm £4 entry
A night of rock’n’roll, 60s style garage, indie, psych, folk, shoegaze & surf rock!
Facebook: Thee Piatcions
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