There’s a lot on this date, I know. But if you choose the Croft (and not the Fleece anymore) you will at least be rewarded with a triple-bill of balls out goodness to go with a possible grass-is-greener feeling and empathy for decent gig promoters. ANYWAY, it’s fucking Trans Am! Riffing, vocodering, longstanding post rock oddjob heroes Trans Am! Craft meets fun and all that, with harsh-and-great electronic soundscapes from Bronnt Industries Kapital and no-idea-but-they-sound-good-if-the-psychdronekraut-description-is-anything-to-go-by-ness of Anta in fine support. Don’t stay in.

lofi hifi show by arrangement with julie tippex


Trans Am began as a side project. The members, who met while playing in the legendary harDCore/ska collective Bomblast, discovered they had a similar taste for music. They began jamming together.

One very hot summer in the mid-1990’s the band found themselves in Chapel Hill playing music with Casio keyboards, loud guitars, drums and no vocals. They played oddly structured original songs and covers of David Bowie and Stravinsky. It seemed to work.

Somewhat mistakenly, Trans Am was heard by a Chicago-based vibraphone player named John McEntire. The band agreed to record some songs with McEntire which, when combined with a bunch of home recordings and other sound experiments, made up the band’s first release on Thrill Jockey Records.

Then the band went through a series of reactionary moves – they began recording themselves so as not be associated as strongly with McEntire’s sound, they used vocals to not be associated with the instrumental post rock they had pioneered, they used vocoders to not be associated with humans, they began burning things on stage, released a seven inch not on Thrill Jockey, got folky, then ugly, then poppy, then psychedelic, then political, then exploded and stopped being a band at all.

Currently Trans Am are set to release new LP ‘Thing’ in Mid 2010.



Bronnt Industries Kapital is a musical project from Bristol, England based around producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell. It has released three studio albums, Virtute et Industria, Häxan and Hard for Justice.
Bronnt Industries Kapital’s first releases were limited edition CDs and vinyl on Bristol labels Silent Age, Clean Cut and Float records. The first album was 2005’s Virtute et Industria, released on UK independent label Static Caravan Recordings. This was followed in 2007 by an original soundtrack commissioned for the DVD release of the cult Swedish silent film Häxan by Tartan Films, which was collected on a stand-alone soundtrack album released by Static Caravan the following year. In 2009 Bronnt Industries Kapital released its third album Hard for Justice on Berlin, Germany label Get Physical Music.

The first Bronnt Industries Kapital album was described as gaslight horrortonica, and featured references to H. P. Lovecraft and the use of automated Victorian instruments such as Lepping’s Patented Lapwing Harmonium and the Bronson Quartet. Hard for Justice found Bronnt expanding its sound palette, with the use of live instrumentation and elements of Kosmische musik, Italo Disco, Post-Punk and Shoegaze.

Bartell has often cited his love of film as influencing the Bronnt sound, including psychotronic exploitation, Italo-crime and no-budget action thrillers as well as library music from BBC sci-fi and supernatural TV drama.



Born out of the remnants of Vilna and Mansri, Anta are an instrumental band birthed from a love of Psych, Kraut, Prog and Drone rock.


Bristol, The Croft

Thurs 13th May


8pm 18+

tickets from bristol ticket shop, see, prime cuts & wegottickets

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