Two appearances from an otherworldly band in two very different circumstances. Mountains are from Chicago and play ultra-beautiful instrumental music; latest album ‘Air Museum’ is their most successful synthesis of acoustic instrumentation and blissful electronic prettiness. Synth tones spiral upwards towards some heavenly, pulsing place where Flying Saucer Attack and Stars Of The Lid and you are very happy to be there. Live, they should kick it up a notch with volume and heavy layers of everything (something support act for both gigs, ex-Slowdive dude Simon Scott, should also be pretty capable of). And while the Arnolfini is a grand venue for this almost-art act (and has its own support bill of terrific drone/expansive rock acts), the Arts Institute show feels more low key and lovable – promoter Kevin dragging Mountians to Cardiff and starting off the evening’s live music himself. Join in at either gig.

Thrill Jockey’s Mountains play Cardiff, with support from (ex Slowdive) Simon Scott and K. Matthew Jones

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Chicago experimental duo reminiscent of Stars of the Lid, Fennesz, Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine, Mountains come to Cardiff to play material from their new album Air Museum. Labelmates with Tortoise, OOIOO and The Boredoms, Mountains live up to the experimental ethos of the Thrill Jockey label:

“Holtkamp and Anderegg deliver a kind of 21st century folk music – one that’s immersed in the aesthetics of modern technology yet retains a very natural, very approachable sound. Absolutely gorgeous music”

Support coming from ex Slowdive guitarist Simon Scott, creating swathing walls of sound, and Cardiff guitarist Kevin Jones.

Mountains + Sleeping States + Outshine Family + Simon Scott

Fri 27 May, 7.30pm

£9.00 Adv

Forged at the Art Institute of Chicago, Mountains is an adventuresome duo, equally invested in pastoral beauty and dense atmospheric pressure. Their extended melodies and unique broad guitar work have suggested comparison to artists such as Brian Eno and Fennesz. Touring on the back of highly anticipated new material, Mountains will journey effortlessly through their unique realm of experimentation. Stella support comes from Sleeping States and Outshine Family. Join us for an evening of dreamwork drones and sublime sonic wanderings.

Mountains is Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, two sonic explorers from New York, whose long history, shared philosophies, and love of sculpting sound, has resulted in some of the most densely layered and blissful music crafted in recent memory. A series of releases and live shows have drawn them a cult following. Rare live appearances past are spoken of in hushed tone: precise and tactile, they process all manner of instruments and things on stage into a shimmering infinity.

This will be a first chance in a while to see Markland Starkie’s Sleeping States. Formed in 2004, Sleeping States has put out a string of beautiful releases since, and played shows with the likes of Blonde Redhead, Electrelane, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, M. Ward and David Grubbs.

Outshine Family is the ever-evolving musical collective constellating around the vision of nomadic Australian songwriter, composer and producer Matthew Nicholson. Nicholson makes a transcendental sound that ranges from resonant drone to ecstatic pop and has shared stages with countless alternative heavy weights including Low, Fennesz, Animal Collective and Espers.

Simon Scott is the ex-Slowdive drummer, some-time Brian Eno collaborator, boss of the KESH recording label from Cambridge, and a member of Seavault on Morr Music. Simon released his album, Navigare, on Miasmah in October 2009.

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