Scrolling through the Cube listings is always a blast. Oh look, a Singing Knives alldayer. There’s a showing of crazy pop art horror film Hausu, followed by a group bike ride. AND OH GOD GOLDEN DISKO SHIP IS PLAYING SOON. She’s worthy of the capitals believe me: Berlin’s Teresa Stroetges creates frazzled, ultra-dreamy blurs of music; guitar, laptop and homemade films swirling into an awesomely cool fuck you of greatness. Hand on heart, she’s responsible for some of my favourite gig moments of all time (one reviewed here for a start). And, you know, Minataur Shock is good as well.

Minotaur Shock + Golden Disko Ship + Gilbert & Snowdrop

19:30 04/06/2010

(Fri 4th June / 7.30 pm / £6/5 advance)

Minotaur Shock is the alter ego of Bristol’s very own cheekier, gentler Aphex Twin; Dave Edwards or, as NME put it “Think: Boards Of Canada. And then think of something far more beautiful”. Initially hailed as a forerunner of the short-lived ‘Folktronica’ scene, first album Chiff Chaff’s & Willow Warblers is one of the best albums ever made – sorry, it’s a fact; look it up – while new album Amateur Dramatics is made available online by 4AD. This live set should be a lovely, toasty Joy.

Golden Disko Ship plays in a similar vein to that of Minotaur Shock in t

hat you could call it Folktronica but then you could think up something much more inventive yourself, like, ‘Beautiful and insane; Like an autistic child left alone in a cave with a book on fairies, a camp fire, a woolly jumper and some toy instruments’.

Support comes from Gilbert & Snowdrop

Divorced Salesman’s Polka Club DJ’s in the bar ‘til late.

Minotaur Shock + Golden Disko Ship + Gilbert & Snowdrop image

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