There’s something to be said for biding your time.  Love Parry III’s debut EP Race For The Poison Chalice, completed a good six months back and with a riotous, messy video shot back in May, finally sees the light of day this month.  An EP in the true sense, it plays like a triple A-side – if it wasn’t essentially a showcase, an opening shot across the bows to reintroduce the talents of ex-Hot Puppies songwriter Luke Taylor, you’d encourage them to hold back a bit.  The EP continues the evolution of his former band from poised, swoonsome indie pop towards a similarly lush electro, all whispered verses and delicious falsetto choruses.  Displaying a love of Prince, Bowie and Chic, it delivers in ways countless bands sharing surface similarities always seem to forget; bloody good tunes.  Style with content.  Easy, see?

Live, they’ve been a low-key presence over the last eighteen months as they basically find their feet.  A two-boy, two-girl line-up evolved slowly, keyboard and guitar-led, and it’s a more appropriate complement to the sound of the EP.  This launch gig has them supported by youthful Newport synth-pop outfit Dirty Goods and DJs Stacey Steve French and Kai Jones.   Stylish, witty, insidious pop music that ought never go out of fashion.  Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.

+ DJs Steve French & Kai Jones
Cardiff Arts Institute, Park Place
Thursday 23rd September
Doors 8.00pm/£3/£2 NUS

Cardiff’s colourful indie/dance troupe, Love Parry III release their hotly tipped new EP, “The Race for the poison chalice” coming out on the label ‘Dekalog Omni Wares’.
The single from the EP is called Toy Box along with its Jackson Pollack-esque video

Also on this hot new EP is a remix by the Nigerian dancehall dj Han Zulu.

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