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Loose & The Joy Collective present…


Toronto-based weird rockers who smash together fiddly, high tempo post rock, compressed pop skronking and bizarro psych excursions. Everything rubbed in excitable jerking and frantic time changes. Celebratory strangeness that fans of DEVO, MAE SHI and XBXRX will dig on. Newest album Black Square has just been released on Portishead’s Invada label, and there’s a split LP with BEAK> coming up in the new year.


Completely ace new band from Nat of the JELAS and Debi from DRUNK GRANNY. They’ve taken the twitchy art rock and feral grrrowl of those two bands and formed a smart midpoint: clattering, scattershot tunes that cram in all manner of ideas and left turns and bring to mind a way-addictive lo-fi mix of ERRASE ERRATA, LILIPUT and WET DOG. Sole release is a sadly sold out cassette on Milk Records; have a look at what you could have won:


Mysterious and awkward bunch of miscreants featuring Casey Raymond (Botanophobia/Presto And Spartanite/music video and poster art fame), Louise Mason (VEG Club) and Huw Evans (H. Hawkline/Wickes). Tape manipulation, dreamy guitar sounds and playful burst of noise. New recordings released soon!

+ hot DJ action from Brandyman. THIS IS A GOOD THING

9th November 2010
Undertone, Cardiff (below Ten Feet Tall)
£4 / £3 NUS


Volt-filled banshee yells aplenty (NME)

The group’s music, which seems esoteric when described — think hyper math-punk with touches of prog and hardcore — in practice produces simple, even catchy pleasures. Swapping duties on vocals, drums, guitars, keyboard, and woodwinds, these five musicians tie all their talents and influences together by injecting every moment with chaotic energy. “Bronzage”, the opening track on their newest album Black Square, sprints forth with chiming guitars, call-and-response chants, and quick, precise beats. The speed and tone reminds me of another complicatedly-named outfit, XBXRX, but DD/MM/YYYY’s are even more relentless than that stellar Oakland outfit. Even a noisy climax barely lasts 15 seconds, unable to stop the frantic momentum of this infectious tune. (Pitchfork)

As influenced by Dadaism as they are by Frank Zappa and Melt Banana … filled with weird hums from what sound like vintage 80s synthesizers, inadvisably rapid rhythms and an unconventional array of guitar arrangements, all pierced through by incongruous vocals to culminate in a disbelievingly fresh and vibrant sound, one that may even at times make you feel as though someone’s slipped you a microdot (RockFeedback)

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