This is indeed THE NEXT JOY GIG. Again in collaboration with the ace Loose team, this one is a massively bargainous mix of garage rock flavours, some from San Francisco and either neatly maladroit or hazily bashing, the rest from local places where feral clanging meets straight up entertainment. Read what we’ve written below (because we spent ages doing it) and come early for first support action (8.30ish) and to hear what’s inside good egg Richard S Jones’s record bag. He knows his onions (he won’t bring onions).

Loose & The Joy Collective present…


Wednesday 16th March 8pm
Undertone (below 10 Feet Tall), Cardiff. Ages: 18+
£5 adv from / £6 doors


San Francisco garage trio who jitter and twitch out minute long pop songs like true caffeine nerds. Their eponymous debut crammed 10 songs into 16 minutes; expect bracing, ungainly melodies and singable thrills. You like MODERN LOVERS, MINUTEMEN, WEEZER, ABE VIGODA? You’ll die happy.

‘Nodzzz’ is fun. Fun in the way that the second incarnation of the Modern Lovers and the first Weezer album are fun. Nick Lowe, Billy Childish, Feelies – you name it. The best moments on the album approach that classic garage-pop abandon, only shot through with a present tense ragged aesthetic. Nodzzz isn’t a throwback, but a modern celebration. It’s stunning that there aren’t more bands like Nodzzz and Eddy Current in this sweet spot between numbed revivalism and the noise garage. – Dusted

Nodzzz, a band who sound like they were conceived in London sometime around 1976, shuffled off to Manchester for a couple of years until the turn of the decade, then arrived back just in time for the first wave of Dan Treacy-inspired madness. – DiS

Like the Feelies or Modern Lovers before them, the group wears its quirkiness as a kind of badge of honor – Pitchfork


Also SF-based, but this time as heavy on the hazy psych-pop as on the straightahead fuzz riffing. Releases on SILTBREEZE and MEXICAN SUMMER (amongst others) should give you a rough idea: trebly, dirty, dreamy garage rock for fans of the CHILLS, HUSKER DU, SOFT BOYS and JAY REATARD. As a bonus, try and work out what Byron Coley is on about here:

“… a vibe somewhere between the crisp gauze of Midwest groups associated with the early-’80s garage revival (Vertebrats, Plasticland, etc.) and the mysto-stroke of late-’80s New Zealand.” — The Wire


Deranged, ultra-tight riff rock and alarming audience interaction from three denim-clad local athletes. Hard and fast primal garage that sounds like a bull having sex with a china shop. Debut EP ‘Full Frontal’ came out last year and is an essential purchase.


Moonlighting members of Samoans and Kutosis make killer party grunge that’s mad, flippant and hacked back to its essentials. Will probably feature screaming, wandering nudity and Wayne’s World quotes. And fun. Small Cities have just released their first EP and it is good.

Plus! The excellent Richard S Jones of Shindig magazine and others will be your DJ for the night…

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