Next Joy gig! A slightly more classy affair than usual you may feel, but you’ll just have to get used to it I spose. Read the blurb below to discover the wave of swanky, delish indie, raucous noisery and splurging art rock coming your way. Get there early, and be ready to dance.

Loose & The Joy Collective present:


Monday 28th February 8pm
Undertone (10 Feet Tall’s basement)
12 Church Street, Cardiff CF10 1BG
Ages: 18+
£5 entry

to Bristol 23.27
to Newport 00.30
to Swansea 23.43/01.15
to Treforest 23.26
Undertone is 1-2 mins walk from Cardiff Central.

From Portland, Oregon, Eux Autres revolve around Francophile brother/sister duo Heather and Nicholas Larimer, and make beautifully wistful, echoing songs that mix up fresh ‘60s girl group sounds, twangy guitar and clattering naivety. First record produced by Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney/Quasi), latest ‘Broken Bow’ just released on Bon Mots records. Swish stuff for fans of BEST COAST, THE AISLERS SET, FRANCOIS HARDY, THE VASELINES…

(Oh, and it’s pronounced ‘Ooz-Oh-Tra’)

Eux Autres, the Omaha-born, Portland-based duo, channels sixties French pop and gives it a unique sensibility. The brother/sister duo, Heather and Nicholas Larimer, share lead vocals with Heather on drums and Nicholas on guitar. The Larimers’ music favors melody, with compelling vocals in call and response. These vocal textures are underscored by lyrics that manage to be clever without being precious, treating subjects that range from Spanish imperialism to romantic angst, French politics to soccer.

Eux Autres’ debut 7″ was released in 2003, and their first full-length CD, Hell Is Eux Autres, recorded by Jeff Stuart Saltzman and Janet Weiss (SLEATER-KINNEY/QUASI), was self-released in 2004 and re-released in 2006 by Grenadine Records (Montreal , QC). The band’s second album, Cold City , was released in 2007 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (Athens , GA). Three singles and an EP followed in 2008 and 2009, and Eux Autres’ third album, Broken Bow, was released in November 2010.

“Hovering somewhere between a high-school French-class assignment and Thee Headcoats” – Magnet Magazine



Sheffield trio of boisterous tykes who combine melodic rock smarts with the best bits of UK indie tradition. Equally lovelorn and shouty, shambolic and vulnerable, in Emma Kupa they have a brilliantly imperfect frontwoman. Debut album ‘The Noyelle Beat’ is a secret treat. Check out if you like KENICKIE, THE GRATES, SKY LARKIN, LONG BLONDES…

Standard Fare is a three-piece indie pop/rock band from Sheffield in the U.K. Comprised of bassist/vocalist Emma Kupa (whose mother was a member of the early-’80s anarcho-punk band the Poison Girls), guitarist/vocalist Danny How, and drummer Andy Beswick, the group drew inspiration from both classic C-86 groups and U.K. guitar rock heroes like Orange Juice, as well as American indie rock bands of the ’90s. Their sparse and energetic sound, topped off by Kupa’s arresting vocals, soon drew interest from indie fans, the press, and record labels. The group released their first single, “Dancing,” on Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation in 2009, then recorded the songs for The Noyelle Beat. The sessions lasted a mere six days, and the results were released by Melodic in the U.K. and Bar/None in the U.S. in March of 2010.



Seriously fine and headwarping art scamps from Bristol. Twitchy, ADHD rock with slanted vocals and one idea after another after another after another after another. New album ‘The Body Parts’ coming soon (and hopefully available at this show…)



Yes! Totally joy-worthy return of Shape Records double-drumming abstract rock wonders. A blender with fiddly, fret-tapping moves, slacker weirdness and mangled electronic noises thrown in. Featuring members of ISLET and FREDRICK STANLEY STAR. New recordings on the way. Don’t miss out.

Plus! Ace ‘50s rock and roll cratediggers Gas Station Bop will be your DJs…

Fantastic poster by Adam Chard of Croatoan Design:

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