Travel on over to Girls Names’s MySpace (if you can bear the timewarp jitters) and you will find a song called ‘I Lose’. Nothing more than the sum of its influences you may say, but to me it moans and jangles pretty brilliantly, a dark scree of guitar rush and echoed vocals tethered to a classic ’60s girl group drum thump. Girls Names fill the pockets in their Big Coats with plenty other gems too, sometimes skeletal and murmured, sometimes swooning and inchoate like previous Undertone guests The Mantles. They also do a swish run through of the Twin Peaks theme too. What do you want, blood? Um, this will be a treat, I promise.


Wednesday 4th May 8pm
Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
Ages: 18+
£4 entry

Forming in Belfast in January 2009 initially as a two-piece, Cathal Cully and Neil Brogan booked their first gig as Girls Names before theyʼd even played together. Expanding to a three piece some months later with the addition of Claire Miskimmin on bass, the band have effortlessly refined their own personal take on the early/mid eighties shadow world of Black Tambourine, Felt and the Sound of Young Scotland. Although still in their infancy, Girls Names have traced their development through a series of releases, having already issued a 12” (Captured Tracks), an 8 track mini-album (Tough Love) and a split 7” with San Franciscoʼs Brilliant Colors (Slumberland). From humble beginnings their live show has also been dramatically improved, helped in part by sharing stages with Times New Viking, Dum Dum Girls and Abe Vigoda, amongst others.

Girls Names debut album ‘Dead To Me’ will be released in the UK on the 25th April via Tough Love Records and the next day in the US on Slumberland Records.

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