NEXT JOY PRESENTATION!  Admire the music of LIARS, SONIC YOUTH, ONEIDA?  Like your guitars to sound like insistent alarms on malfunctioning factory equipment?  Enjoy cooing, falsetto vocals, dribbling sweetly melodic but largely unintelligible goo into your ear?  Well SWITCH ON, chum, because this is right up your street.

COLD PUMAS are nominally from Brighton and sound like hot, malfunctioning strobe lights.  Shuddering, repetitive guitars, insistent Kraut-ish drumming and vocals which mutter and coo like ‘They Were Wrong’-era Liars.  Two EPs and a split 7″ with Male Bonding exist to date, the latter on guitarist Dan’s own label Faux Discx.  Check out ‘Jela’ below for unequivocal evidence of why you need to see this lot:

Tour partners FRIENDO feature on one of the aforementioned Cold Pumas EPs along with guitarist/vocalist Michael Wallace’s better-known band Women, and strands of the opaque art-rock of that band continue through to his new group’s debut LP.  Released to some acclaim on a self-issued cassette in 2009, and subsequently reissued on vinyl by Secretly Canadian subsidiary St Ives Records, Cold Toads’ sticky DIY harmonies and tangle of acoustic guitars, drone and percussion recall the early efforts of Woods, The Microphones or even Dinosaur Jr.  Very nice.

SATURDAY’S KIDS need little introduction in these pages.  We like them a bit.  We’ve put them on before, having opened for Action Beat for us last year, and charted their swift rise from the promising newcomers supporting Shitty Limits in Le Pub two years ago to shapers of muscular noise rock and sludgy punk reminiscent of SST-era Sonic Youth, Flipper, Trail of Dead and more.  They’ll be on unfavourably early at this one, so don’t be late.  See you there, right?  RIGHT.


From Brighton, Cold Pumas play madly repetitive and shiny guitar abuse, locking down riffs that are both loudly motorik and shimmeringly melodic. They have releases on Upset The Rhythm and Faux Discx and make a hypnotic racket that fans of ABE VIGODA, BOREDOMS and SONIC YOUTH will lean into.

Another three-piece, this time from Calgary, Canada and featuring current or ex members of a million other bands (notably WOMEN, but also Azeda Booth, Topless Mongos, Puberty and more). Friendo’s scrappy rocking fits a band who started as an experiment in playing unfamiliar instruments: charming, dreamy home-recorded gold that might make you think of SEBADOH, VIVIAN GIRLS or early PAVEMENT.

Having just released two records on the exciting 10” format – one a split with Exeter band Kids return, one a five-tracker all to themselves – Welsh quartet Saturday’s Kids, who are in fact suitable for any day of the week, have ample evidence out there of their rampaging evolution. They still sound like a slashing noisy punk band a lot of the time, but are also indulging their taste for tricksy instrumental bits and quiet, measured guitar parts that fans of SONIC YOUTH, MOSS ICON or CODEINE might eff with.

Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
Friday 8th July

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