Just a quick note to say that if you don’t come to this, you are a fucking pleb. Sorry for the language. As you may gather from the wittering below, Lovvers played the Buff last year, and were RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. Like eating a million VERY GOOD sweets, one after the other, with no RSI or tooth decay. Four parts pop to five parts rock, a fine cocktail. I’ll shut up now.

(except to say these supports are also very good and you should honestly attend this gig)



Nottingham punk rock party-starters, touring an amazing debut album called ‘OCD Go Go Go Girls’, play their first Welsh show for 12 months. The last one was put on by us too. It was enjoyable. So seeing as ‘OCD…’ is like everything their three 7” singles and mini-album were building up to, I’m gonna assume this will be better. Logic, man. Essential noise for fans of GERMS, JAY REATARD, NIRVANA, WIPERS and 600 others. www.myspace.com/letscommunicate

South Wales melodic hardcore supremos, mega-catchy and for fans of DAG NASTY, KID DYNAMITE, LIFETIME etc. Ex-some other bands you should have liked. We ought to have put them on ages ago but that’s the way it goes. www.myspace.com/harboursucks

Two drumkit freaky noise action from VICTORIAN ENGLISH GENTLEMENS CLUB and ATTACK+DEFEND peeps. Some people have called them the best new band in Cardiff. Feel that hype as fast as I create it! BATTLES, ONEIDA, BOREDOMS fans look this way… maybe also stuff like YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS for their scratchy guitars parts. NO MYSPACE SUCKERS!

Awesome gonzo clawhammer punk rock from young locals with PISSED JEANS, BLACK FLAG and NIRVANA in their sights. They have a really nicely packaged demo (their second) which I think you can still buy. They have the official Lovvers seal of approval! They told us so. www.myspace.com/thesaturdayskidsuk

ALL HAPPENING AT: Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff

8pm, £5


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