There must be a tromboner joke here somewhere. No? Okay. As you’ll see if you check the interview linked to below, Ralph Cumbers has bummed Cardiff triumphantly a few times now, including a couple of genuinely brilliant sets for the 2008 Swn festival. His mix of chunky, playful dubstepping is made much better by, well, a dude called Ralph playing trombone over the top of it, and is a lorra, lorra fun. Plus! Turn up at the museum at 6pm and see him wibble in the lobby, courtesy of the Swn-curated Artes Mundi sessions. Highly educational.

Kruger presents Wonky Disco: Bass Clef + Zwolf + Mr Healan
Thursday April 29th 9-1am
FREE before 11pm/£2/£3

Bass Clef is a one-man-band like no other: a trombone n bass aficionado who combines electronic jiggery pokery with block-rocking, dancehall influenced brass and beats. Having lurched into view with the face-mangling bassline of ‘Cannot Be Straightened’ in 2007, he has resurfaced with an album full of soca-infused bass heavy electronica for 2010. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be down the front skankin…Bass Clef in the house!

Interview with Mr Clef here:

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