OxHot Burrito return after a summer break with the return of Vancouver’s Ox who were absolutely brilliant last time they played.  They’ll be in the country promoting their new album ‘Burnout’.

Picking up where their acclaimed ‘American Lo Fi’ (2006) left off, Ox jumps down the rabbit hole with their stellar new release, ‘Burnout’- painting dust bowl soundscapes with a much more textured brush than ever before. This seven song treasure adds a dash of psychedelia to alt-country and indie rock in a sonic
candy store affair- and a brand new menu for the Canadian campus radio hit band.

Boasting substantial critical acclaim- and indie cult credentials, Ox has always happily occupied the underground- performing with bands such as, Songs:Ohia, The Violet Archers, Be Good Tanyas, The Sadies, Julie Doiron, and Women- they prefer the sweaty confines of clubs to the grand stage- and are reknowned for their unpredictable live show.

Ox claimed the notoriety of being the FIRST independent band ever to reach #1 on the Canadian National College Radio Chart- and has remained a staple on National Radio in their homeland. ‘Burnout’ represents their 2nd release on weewerk- also known for Great Lake Swimmers, FemBots, Barmitzvah Brothers, and Barzin.

I say that they’re crazy, colourful, hat wearing Canadians that were fucking brilliant in Le Pub last time they were here with their brand of country rock ‘n’ roll.

Others say:

“Hauntingly hushed songs of desperation and hard times spiked with references to Trans Ams, Camaros, 8-tracks, skateboards and banana-seat bicycles…there’s a cinematic quality to “Dust Bowl Revival”. – NO DEPRESSION

“Parched, weary, aching and rough-edged Americana recalling Neil Young, Wilco and Springsteen…Passionate!” – CMJ WEEKLY

“Touchingly organic, Ox’s live set sounds at once both timeless and unmistakably of its era. If there was ever a need to strip music down to its raw elements, Ox has the purity and grace to pull it off.” – DROWNED IN SOUND

Support comes from one of my favourite bands in South Wales, Bedford Falls.

Bedford Falls is not an emo band from Germany, an indie-rock band from the Pacific North West, a metal band from Arkansas or a pub-rock band from Edinburgh.  Bedford Falls is, however, 4 friends making music in their spare time.

They’ve been doing what they do together since 2003. Bedford Falls play melancholy punk rock that has been compared to bands like; Husker Du, Buffalo Tom, The Moving Targets, The Lemonheads, REM, The Weakerthans and Leatherface amongst others.   Basically pink rock with an ear for americana.
Tickets £7 from Diverse Music and wegottickets

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