Rock, rock, rock and roll high school… Rather an excellent opportunity to simultaneously raise dosh for a decent cause and to goggle at a set you won’t see anywhere else. Headway is the local charity your cash will go towards, a fine bunch who care for people with brain injuries. Organised by Justin Evans, a recipient of Headway help and fierce gig junkie, this alldayer sees a sterling line up of bands from round these parts, with a quite awesome cherry on the top. Yes, the gorgeous pop band the School will be dishing out a slew of Ramones covers and originals played proto-punk style, and this idea makes me happier than I can say. It’s the School! Playing the Ramones! I might explode.

Sunday, 11th July 2010

Charity indie alldayer fundraiser for Headway Cardiff

The School (Ramones-style Set!) / Gindrinker / Kutosis / John Mouse / Pagan Wanderer Lu / Houdini Dax / Lucky Delucci / Last Partisan / Ivan Moult

An indie all dayer with South Wales’s best bands in attendance, all for raising money for Headway Cardiff.

4:00pm | £5/£6 | buy tickets

Charity indie alldayer fundraiser for Headway Cardiff

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