Harvest have been bringing wigged-out psych, freakbeat and folk sounds, eye-warping visuals and film footage and irregular live gigs to a variety of Cardiff locations since 2003.  Psychedelia lifer Andi Harvest has found temporary homes at Cafe Calcio and the Globe in the past, and herein starts a new residency in the intimate (and pretty fitting) surrounds of Gwdi Hw.

Their first live guests, following in the recent footsteps of the Keys, White Noise Sound and the Sadies, are Threatmantics.  Excellent choice.  Their second album, a long time gestating and fine tuned by producer supreme Charlie Francis, should be with us soon; expect wired, feverish songs of white-noise tension and gut-punching volume, interspersed with gritted-teeth sweetness.  Expect sounds heavy, cosmic and loud from Andi and guest Chris Fowler’s DJ set.  Expect cheap entry, reassuringly expensive drinks and a thumping Friday morning hangover.


Harvest |  Gwdihw  |  Thu 13 Oct 2011  |  £3

HARVEST are proud to announce their launch party as Gwdihw once again plays host to a ‘groovy’ night of Psychedelia & Trip inducing visuals.  If flower girls and Mary Quant hot pants don’t get you salivating, we have Psych’s premier DJs and mind blowing live sets to administer that music induced orgasmic high!

Don’t miss this launch party featuring Threatmantics (live set) and DJ sets from Andi Harvest & Chris Fowler.


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